Praying Mantis, etc.


Dear Furiends,

A praying mantis was in our house and happened to be on the sliding doors vinyl cling grave yard. (The staff has begun decorating for Halloween, already.)p1190482

Master Munchkin, who is a bit of a science nerd, said it was a boy because it had wings… I had the staff take a few picture before they put it outside… We had to be quick because Purrseidon likes to befriend all sorts of creatures.





Later, I helped Ms. Kiara prepare some orders. She paid me for my services with some of my blend. She claims I spent the next hour insisting on belly rubs, then I became  quite spry for a bit and freaked her out by standing on 2 legs while scratching my ear. I was NOT having some weird seizure, just enjoying the relief of arthritic pain. Once we were done preparing the orders, she and I discussed the possibility of doing some joint marketing and combine my novels with her nip. We haven’t worked out any details, and haven’t even decided if we will be offering p1190355paperback or ebooks with her blends – for that matter, we haven’t decided which blends to combine, but if we did, don’t you think this would be a nice package?

Mr. M  =^.^=


9 thoughts on “Praying Mantis, etc.

  1. Oh, interesting to stand on two legs,hmm, must try and scratch my ear, too.
    We, cats, eat sometimes very terrible things, humans think so. My parents had before me very cute looking girl cat and she loved to eat spiders, yes, that she did. Halloween is quite new here in Finland, we have for centuries had at that time a day to remember all our loved ones, and it is very serious day.
    Have a beautiful Sunday!
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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    1. My sisfur, Saphera (woofie) likes to eat grasshoppers and flies… you should have seen her face the day she ate a bee by mistake! I thought our staff was going to have a heart attack!

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  3. pilch92

    That is great that you are already decorating for Halloween- I love Halloween! And I think marketing the books and nip blends together is a great idea. We had a praying mantis last week, it did a great job eating all the bugs off our beans 🙂

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    1. Ms Kiara’s vey favorite holiday is Halloween, so we can always count on her to assist with getting boxes out of the attic and helping put up spider webs and things… Chucky’s head fell off, so we’re hoping Pops can fix it… and I’m hoping Purr is still terrified of Chucky. =^.^=


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