Sunday Selfies



Dear Furiends,

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Hello from the tunnel of toys!

Katsu is snoozing in his carpet tunnel, but Saphera made a major effort to look her best for today’s selfie.


& now from our dear freezing furiend, who lives in Ohio:”

IMG_20190907_111739.jpgDear Purr and all your wonderful furry friends.

I love going from room to room during winter. Now I’m really in the back laundry room where Ma has a spare Murphy bed she had. Too cold in the Winter but nice in summer.

Guess she had friends and family stay here and keeps telling me I’ll meet Uncle Greg. I don’t care because I’m a loner, because of what happened when I was born in the woods. I was alone when I came here. I appreciate Ma in the winter so much because of the memories in the bitter cold. So I’m still stroking her knee and leg with my cheek when she sings and brushes me. She loves me for sure.

Angel Kitty

15 Apps….

During a recent  press conference, a Florida sheriff listed 15 apps as ones that parents need to know about. (Six of them were used by suspected predators who were recently arrested.)

  • The first is ‘MeetMe,’ an app where teens can easily be in contact with users much older than them, with an emphasis on dating.
  • ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘SnapChat’ are for messaging, but what you should know is teens can send unlimited messages, have video chats and even share their live location with other users, people they may not even know.
  • ‘Skout’ is a flirting app that’s used to meet and chat with new people. Teens and adults are in different groups, but ages aren’t verified.
  • ‘TikTok’ is used for sharing user created videos that can contain bad words, even adult content.
  • ‘Badoo’ and ‘Bumble’ are dating apps for adults, but teens can still find ways to join.
  • ‘Grindr’ is geared towards the LGBTQ community. It allows users to share photos and meet up based on phone’s GPS location.
  • ‘Kik’ is specifically for kids, but anyone can join and anyone can contact or direct message your child.
  • ‘LiveMe’ is a live streaming app, but you don’t know who’s watching and your kids location is revealed.
  • ‘Holla’ is all about connecting strangers around the world through video chat. Enough said.
  • ‘Whisper’ is a social confessional where kids can remain anonymous, but still share their feelings. And it can reveal your child’s location for a meet up.
  • ‘ASKfm’ encourages people to allow anonymous users to ask them questions, which opens the door for online bullying.
  • ‘Hot or Not’ rates users on attractiveness.. There’s no age verification and users can send each other messages.
  • And lastly, ‘Calculator%’ apps are several secret apps that allows kids to hide their photos, videos, even browser history.

Feline Friday

1. I am particular about honor and integrity…. Years and years ago, Mr. M told me each of us is only as good as our meows and deeds…. My dear departed brofur was very wise and his advice continues to help me make choices.
2. My favorite time of year is Spring because it is filled with promise of things to come.
3. The day I realized Master Munckin had brought home another cat (Katsu) is a moment I will never forget….. At first, I thought I was being replaced because I was locked out of “our room”…. It took a long time for me to understand (mainly because i didn’t listen, just reacted emotionally), that Katsu was ill and they didn’t know if he was contagious, so my beloved Master Munckin was purrtecting me – and Katsu, too.
4. Have you ever heard of Thorium? It’s 90 on the periodic table and I’ve read a couple interesting articles about how it is generally readily available and possibly useful as an energy source….. Very interesting stuff. Alas, I don’t understand this science stuff like Mr. M did, but that’s okay.
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1. I am particular about _________.
2. My _________ is _________.
3. _________ is a moment I will never forget.
4. Have you ever heard of _________?

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Have a great day!


Wordy Wednesday

20190422_101503Dear Furiends,

I am trying to build myself a FB page so I can share there too.  Would you believe that there are no animals reading stories on youtube???? I’m looking into doing that, too.

Hopefully, I  will start out with short books and tales like Aesop’s. Most kids have never heard those stories.


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