Feline Friday Fillins

20180531_1123411. My favorite scent is salmon…. or maybe catnip…. no, salmon…. or catnip. Oh meow is me, I can’t decide!

2. I hope to go to the beach this weekend.

& now, Katsu will answer the next two… this is his first try, I hope he does well!

DSC_00723.The sound of the can-opener is music to my ears.

4. Home is where Master Munchkin is.

This post is purrticipating in a blog hop hosted by 15andmeowing FourleggedfurballsYesterday, they asked these four fill-intheblank questions:

1. My favorite scent is ________________.

2. I hope to __________________ this weekend.

3. _________ is music to my ears.FB_IMG_1528154658258

4. Home is where _________.

If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can simply answer in the comments section. Have a great day!

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Birthday in Review

DSC_0518Dear furiends,

The cake was a win! Master Munchkin thought it was awesome. Washing the frosting off the dinos took time though. I am trying to get pictures of Katsu carrying around a balloon …. he loves balloons but they keep getting too high to get a good picture and he won’t look at me either. He is getting better, but it will take him a lot more time and training before he learns to loved the camera, like me.DSC_0539
When they brought these geodes back from the museum, I thought they were for me. I mean, how great that they thought to bring me rocks! Alas, these things were gifts for Master Munchkin, who loves science stuff.

Purrseidon >^.^<



Dear Furiends,

Today, Master Munchkin turns 13. I ordered a hatching dinosaur egg  over a week ago and had planned to have that as a topper on his cake, but it is lost in shipping. <sigh>

Thankfully I also ordered a corpse dino that I knew he did not have (he has dozens of dinos) but I know he will love to play with these along with his others. So while not a normal cake I think he will love it just as much and he will actually play with the toys later. I covered the <umh> wounds with frosting to add to the scene. So, yes this is a rather gory cake, but then Master Munchkin is now a teenage boy and they seem to like gore.
Purrseidon >^.^<

Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Tuna Wet Cat Food Cups

DSC_0149Katsu and I love Instinct by Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Tuna Wet Cat Food Cups. My staff loves that the cups came with the plastic holders so they fit efficiently in the cabinet. (The Munchkins tend to knock things over when they are digging for the flavor of the day.) This yummy recipe is balanced with wholesome foods, like real tuna plus fruits and vegetables, like carrots, spinach and cranberries, topped off with a delicious minced texture in a savory gravy. The tasty result promotes digestibility, strong muscles, and a healthy coat and skin.DSC_0169

The recipe does NOT CONTAIN grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal or artificial colors or preservatives.

And it is made in the USA.

The containers are so easy to open that even Master Munchkin did not need to use a knife. When the box arrived, our chef was in her office, so we cats sang lovely songs to Miss Munchkin until she opened the box and let us split a container. We ended up with a double dinner, so will mark this strategy as a major success. I rarely polish my bowl and usually allow Saphera that privilege. However, Katsu felt Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Tuna Wet Cat Food Cups was good enough to polish both bowls…. Saphera had a fit.DSC_0175

Disclaimer: As members of Chewy’s Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. Purrseidon only shares products and information that she believes are of interest to readers.

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