Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday Selfies

20200124_192741Dear Furiends,

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Katsu knocked over the toy-box… then went back to the book he was reading, as if nothing happened…

Oh, the looks I gave him!…

I gave up and blame the nip.



We were organizing the books and donating boxes to the little book boxes around town, but it is difficult to give away a book without one last read…



IMG_20191208_114228& now from our dear freezing tom-furiend in Ohio (BTW, it looks like he dumped his toy-box, too):

Dear Purr and all your wonderful furry friends.

Ma wanted me to show you our old, two-story, 1856 Rural School House. Miss love Lizzy Hall and her sister taught here. They lived in the acreage next door. It was for the farm and country kids, 56 of them, primary and secondary. We have lots of spirits in the house too. I can see them better than Ma, but she knows when I do, including the farm Collies who died here. Amazing, Ma said, it was here during the civil war. I run around and around. Ma used to teach piano here too. Right now, Ma is afraid bats might be in the attic and we’re checking soon. A couple soffits way high fell down during a storm. Something aleayd happens. Quieter during the winter. Hope you are all doing well.

Bye for now. Purrrific love to all
Angel Kitty

Feline Friday Fillins

20190511_1204271. I am trying to get better at this video stuff.

2. I always feel better when I sing.

3. The Lion King has my seal of approval.

4. I would not recommend trying to understand politics and/or politicians…. I’m thinking some of them want too much power, not to mention control of taxes!

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1. I am trying to ___________________.
2. I always _______________when ________________________.
3. _________ has my seal of approval.
4. I would not recommend _________.

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