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Dear Furiends,

We realized Mom’s old books weren’t on Smashwords, so have been busy formatting them to fit their needs – it is a bit difficult because their ‘manuscript mucher’ takes the draft we send and uses it for all known e-pub formats, which is why you need to choose epub (nook); mobi (kindle) pdf, etc. Anyway Deadly Rumors, Passion’s Fire and Fatal Attractions were just added to the list AND they will be free downloads until midnight, tomorrow.

Deadly Rumors https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/480066 is Mom’s one and only “R rated” novel – adults only, please… Also, there aren’t any cats, so it is no biggie to ignore. However, if you’re still wondering, Kelsey MacLennan wants to make the world better, but her senatorial political campaign turns deadly and rumors abound, when the incumbent must win or be killed by his backers. Devlin Doran’s younger sister died of an overdose, so his goal is to prosecute pushers. Rumors abound that the MacLennans are high in the local drug network and he is targeting Kelsey MacLennan. 
Will they be able to separate fact from fiction or will the rumors be deadly to them?

Mom wrote Deadly Rumors forever ago, in fact, she started the rough draft when Hillary was running for NY senate, which initially inspired the plot… Alas, after a great deal of research about ‘that woman’, she used the information she discovered for the villain instead of the heroine…. Yes, Mom has disliked Hillary’s ‘values’ for decades!

The other two we added to Smashwords are Fatal Attractions – Ariel and Tempest Danner have escaped Tempest’s homicidal father for the sixth time in five years. Armed with new identities and disguises, they are determined that Fairbanks, Alaska will be a sanctuary where they can live in peace.

Stone O’Banyon, their new landlord, has been divorced from a mercenary woman for three years. All his energy is focused on his job and Dolly, who would never hurt him.
The last thing Ariel needs or wants is the attraction she feels for another tall, dark man, who seems hard as the granite he is named for, but the fascination will not go away. Stone isn’t any happier with his obsessive thoughts concerning Ariel.

Things seem calm, then Ariel and Tempest catch sight of the man they had hoped they would never encounter and things turn fatal.. ..again.

and Passion’s Fire – Prior to the blaze that killed her husband, Jacqueline Cardew believed her husband wrote the “fiery messages’ she received. Now she finds a new note inside her locked house. Jacqueline suspects her faceless stalker murdered Adam and she is next. She flees north, where she joins Link Gavallan’s group on a two week long Alaskan wilderness canoe trip. As they float down the desolate river, she receives another message…

Instead of finding a sanctuary, has she made it easier for the unknown person to make her get to her?

All 3 are woman in jeopardy and not a single cat between 3 book! But, if you aren’t picky and are okay with woman-in-jeopardy romances, they are okay, though a few cats could have made the stories purrfect!


Feline Friday Fillins

1. Only someone with a mental disorder would understand Biden’s so-called-logic.

2. I just started wondering how big Rumble will be… he has more than doubled his size in the past 3 weeks, since he arrived.

3. I find it hard to believe that NESARA is coming, if I listen to ‘the news’, but I know it is coming and once everything settles down, it will be wonderful.

4. I should probably remind you that tomorrow is the last day to get free e-copies of Kazza and Xander’s books at Smashwords :https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JeanneF is Mom’s page.

This post is hosted by Ms. Ellen of https://15andmeowing.com and Ms.Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs.com. Yesterday, they asked thesequestions. (Ms. Ellen asked the first two fill-in-the-blank questions and Ms. Lorianne the later two.) If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can simply answer in the comments section. These were the original questions:

1. Only someone with a ____________ would understand _________________.

2. I just started ___________________________.

3. I find it hard to believe that _________.

4. I should probably _________.

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We are uncovering all kinds of evidence and documentation that show the relationship between China, the YMCA, and human trafficking. In a few weeks, we will have a cohesive article posted about this, but for now, we are leaving these items below for our intelligence network to begin examining. . One-World-Order British Pilgrims Society globalists…


Happy Tuesday

As you know, I’ve taken over Tuesdays, with Purrseidon’s blessings (shocking) though we all know Tuesdays are her snoopervisiory days for the garden…. This post is purrticipating in Ms. Sandee’s Comedy Plus’s Blog Hop and I am using it to share things that make me happy. Today, I’m sharing a song I love – Tuesday Afternoon seems purrfect for today, and it should work if you click on the ‘watch on youtube’