String Theory

Dear Furiends,p1200888

Have you heard the term “string theory’? Do you know that it means? (Purr thinks it’s about mom’s yarn collection and her theories on how to get her paws on it …. NOT!)  In physics, string theory is a hypothetical theory in which one-dimensional objects called strings travel through space and interact with each other.

This jpg, which I discovered, explains a bit more about it. Isn’t science amazing, dear furiends?7194ac44802546fa1f4095e31efbed56.jpg

Mr. M =^.^+


Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Real Salmon Cat Treats

20170511_182733The cats refuse to taste Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Real Salmon Recipe Freeze-dried Raw Cat Treats, though they  like to bat them through the house. Meanwhile, Saphera tried to steal them to eat, but she is still on a diet AND these are supposed to be reviewed by cats, not a dog. This might not have anything to do with the treats, themselves – the cats were mad about our leaving them behind on a short vacation, so they were not even very photogenic. (And both of they tried to figure out how to get into that suitcase, presumably to stow away.) 20170511_225528Thankfully since we returned home they aren’t as upset. Maybe they learned they can survive or figured you get more with honey.20170511_225923

They remind me of cheeto consistency. 

Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Real Salmon Recipe Freeze-dried Raw Cat Treats have  the nutritional benefits of salmon in its natural state, which is easily digestible, even for a elderly cat.  This protein-rich treat is good for all ages and doesn’t have grains or gluten. Best of all, they are made in the USA and I always think that assures quality.20170511_182736

Disclaimer: As members of Chewy‘s Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post Purrseidon and Mr. M only shares products and information that they believe are of interest to readers.

Chewy boxes are the BEST! (both the actual box & contents) They’ve revamped their website so you can get supplies for your fur-babies and non-furry pets, too. Chewy always has great prices, and a wide selection of products, plus they provide speedy free shipping for orders of $49.00 or more. They also have reasonable shipping rates for smaller orders. You can set up an auto ship so you never run out of your pets favorites (you can skip, cancel or delay these, too – Chewy’s customer Service is tops).


Sunday Selfies

Since so many furiends liked last Sunday’s pose with one of my balls,20170422_113824.jpg

Then, I caught Purr taking a nap in the sun:20170426_112727.jpg

She was NOT happy when she woke up:


THEN, Saphera surprised us all by agreeing to pose for a selfie and show off how much weight she’s lost:


Remember how she looked before she began her diet?

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Friendly Friday Fillins

p11905631. I have googled many things and the information is very helpful. For instance, when I discover new plants that I like. I google the variety and make certain it is proper for my growing zone (9), and assuming it is, I then check to see what placement is best for the variety (sun/shade and dampness as well as how large I can expect it to be when it is full grown.)

2. I have heard there are good deals on Ebay.



3. I think a lot about what Xander’s next move will be and I also think about what lessons I can teach through him in each story.  ( BTW, school will soon be out, so his ebooks have been marked down to 99 cents each for the summer.)

4. Purrseidon also thinks about the book we’re working on, but right now, it’s Spring and she is obsessed with being outside and what to plant. (She is the strangest cat I’ve ever met!)

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1. I have googled _________________________.C7Ogl7eXgAIKZSw

2. I have________________________ on Ebay.

3. I think ____________________.

4. ____________________ thinks ____________________.