Friday Fillins

24257423_1111864202250036_280833641_n1. I am the busiest member in my family because I not only need to snoopervise the entire household, plan the garden – and snoopervise that, but my primary duty is overseeing Master Munchkin, whose education is my purrsonal responsibility.

2. I have no living siblings. I had a sisfur, but she drowned in a puddle when we were 4 weeks old, that is the main reason I began my duties earlier than originally planned.

MrM23. I am looking forward to seeing more birds and butterflies this Spring.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was when a lovely yellow butterfly landed on a pomegranate blossom – it was a beautiful omen for the season.

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1. I am the __________________ in my family.

2. I have ______________ siblings.DSC00032

3. I am looking forward to _____________ this Spring.

4. The first sign of Spring this year was _____________.

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All our products are receiving new packaging. I think the tester kits just got even cuter! (Sorry for bad lighting, I was filling orders at midnight.)

via New tester kit design! — catablissblog

Sunday Selfies


I decided to do my purrsonal selfie while reading to Saphera and then Livie Lou dropped by and said that if I posed with Saphera, I needed to pose with her, too.


At least Mr. M posed alone .. he’s so grumpy that I’m glad I didn’t need to pose with him… hope he is over this grump soon!


Lastly, I thought you’d like to meet this fine bird… Mr. M wondered if it might taste like chicken, so I gave him the whacky-paw, which is the main reason why I’m now keeping my distance.


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Purrseidon >^.^<