Lied To Way Before Covid…

Was it advocating or was it sounding the Alarm? Before COVID I had the honor of running up and down the Florida coast lines and in the mangroves looking at the toxic waste and dead birds, fish and mammals with those who sought to find out why? I had the honor of exploring Mosaic another…

Lied To Way Before Covid… — The Marshall Report

Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,

As you can see, Chewy has a new box design, but the box seems okay… not so sure about the delivery system, which seems different now, too… It used to be that I could place an order and have my treats arrive quickly – sometimes even the same day, if I placed my order in the morning… now, it take 3-4 days, which seems like furever!

Have any of you noticed that Chewy is taking longer or is it just impatient me?

Since our housekeeper loves decorating for holidays and Halloween is next, she has begun getting the correct boxes out of the attic… Since my birthday is approaching, I also got a new house as an early gift… I love my box houses and can nearly guarantee that I’ll get a new one every year…. as you can see, we cat nearly have a box house village…. Pawsephone and Katsu also appreciate my real estate, but, as most of you regular followers know, Rumble doesn’t like boxes at all, so I had to get his selfie elsewhere. I shall begin with Katsu’s inspection:

Pawsephone did the comfort test:

Rumble did his own comfort test on his favorite blankie:

Tomorrow – Monday, September 20, 2021 will be this year’s Harvest Full Moon… Apparently, this is named Harvest Moon because it is closest to the autumn equinox, which will be on the 22nd. I dare to hope that more than corn will be harvested this year!

Before I forget to mention it, this post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – please, click here to visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.

Our dear furiend, Angel is fine, but very busy… possibly with fall harvest, though he didn’t say so.

Cousin Winston went on a holiday weekend (the holiday was his dad’s birthday) and he met some new fishy furiends:

Have a wonderful week, dear furiends!


Secret Holocaust: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

Is it possible that hospitals are systematically murdering people and secretly disposing of their bodies in order to cover up massive covid vaccine deaths? This would explain the global worker shortage, and it would also explain why financial institutions are buying up so many single family homes across America, in order to prop up the […]

Secret Holocaust: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves? — American Patriot Email Reports
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