Natural Skin Care Tips for The Summer!

Summer is the season when fun beach days are synonymous with skin sun damage. So, when the sun gets hotter and humidity increases, it is time to step up with your skin care regimen. The goal is to keep skin healthy, hydrated, and protected. Most of us tend to reach for store-bought bottled sunscreen, balms,…

Natural Skin Care Tips for The Summer! — The Lost Herbs

This Once-Banned Berry Helps People With Diabetes

American gooseberries (Ribes hirtellum) are a round, juicy fruit similar in size and taste to grapes. They’re rich in phytonutrients and other antioxidants as well as Vitamins C and E, making gooseberries a tasty and potent means of fighting type 2 diabetes. Because they have so many health benefits and are a common ingredient in…

This Once-Banned Berry Helps People With Diabetes — The Lost Herbs

On Narcissists…

Yesterday, I posted a link to a YT video about narcissists because I think this is a relevant topic. Imagine my surprise when ‘carol’ made this comment:

The YT link didn’t have anything to do with politics, just a personality disorder (purrsonal opinion) that I see far too much of. HOWEVER, since ‘carol’ commented, it seems reasonable to acknowledge ‘her’…. I’m using quotation marks because this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with ‘her’ and ‘she’ is quite a time waster. In point of fact, the way ‘she’ communicates makes me suspect ‘she’ is a bot. As you can see, ‘she’ is now going by the name ‘Array’, which sounds botish to me, but the email address shows it’s the same ole ‘carol’… I did a search of her supposed phone number, but 174 doesn’t appear to be in the US, so I’m not sure if that is her actual phone number or if she chose something unsearchable… this head-scratcher could also be due to my limited search abilities on the net…. As a comparative, I put in my own area code and it came back “Florida”, which is where I live, so I don’t know why 174 came back with many non-USA answers, but no state.

I have no idea if a bot can create an account, but it seems logical that a human was involved and humans can. For sure ‘carol’ doesn’t seem to have a clue about traits of narcissists. Like bullies, they ‘operate on negative emotions’ – that is what I observe in most aspects of the New World Order, but not patriots and Purrsident Trump is a patriot. In fact, it feels like they hate themselves, which is the opposite of what I’ve observed at Trump rallies…. the love is so strong that it comes right through the television!

I’ll refer to the handy-dandy meme, below. I don’t see Purrsident Trump as a manipulator. Negotiator, yes, but that is different.

Sensative to physical appearance – well, he does seem a bit vane about his hair, but he sure doesn’t seem oversensitive to criticism…. if he was, could he have survived the past few years? I don’t think so.

“Others are to blame for all” describes the New World Order. How many years did fake news howl ‘Russia-Russia-Russia” or “IMPEACH HIM!!!!!!”…. I’ve seen solid evidence of Clinton involvement with Russia, and let us not forget that Hunter Biden made mega-bucks there and many other questionable places…. I could go on and on, but doubt ‘carol’ has ever bothered to research facts, so from ‘carol’s’ purrspective, it probably seems like Purrsident Trump blames others. The thing is, I’ve done my research and know he blames them for what they did and it is deserved.

“Taking control is their thing” reminds me of how Obama told the military what/when/how to do things. Purrsident Trump asked them what the best thing to do was and a war that had dragged on for years was over in weeks!

“They seek validation” could apply to many situations, non of which I purrsonally see in the Trumps.

“Fear is their dominant emotion”… hello, fake news, Dr. Falsi, covid hysteria, mask hysteria, etc. AND does everyone know that ‘mandates’ are NOT LAW, that they were pushed on us all to increase our fear? Fear is also pushed in an attempt to control us: get vaxxed, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask….. ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. Now we see that the majority of individuals testing positive for covid are vaxxed and boosted, so did those things do any good? As per masks, which hold in bacteria to be rebreathed, is this going to end up like the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 where, after the fact, the statistics show that the majority of deaths were due to bacterial pneumonia, not the flu? Masks were worn back then, too. They didn’t work a hundred years ago and still don’t work for viruses.

“They feel no empathy” sure doesn’t describe the Purrsident Trump I’ve observed. It sure does describe a lot of others, though!

“They like to surround themselves with attractive and successful people does seem applicable to him and many, many others, but is that enough for a pigeon hole? Do YOU like to be around attractive and successful people? I suspect that most do.

Better Than Espresso: Chaga Mushroom Coffee

When you mention mushrooms, most people picture a delicate, soft mushroom with a typical cap and maybe some gills. But chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is not your typical mushroom, so much so, that its classification is still debated by botanists. It’s easiest to describe it as a woody bracket fungus that looks like a burl…

Better Than Espresso: Chaga Mushroom Coffee — The Lost Herbs

5 ‘Miracle Trees’ The Native Americans Used For Medicine

Native Americans have used herbs, trees, and plants for thousands of years to cure themselves as well as to purify their spirits and bring balance and harmony into their lives and surrounding areas. ‌According to oral traditions, they learned about the medicinal properties of trees from watching‌ ‌sick‌ ‌animals obtain relief and then trying the…

5 ‘Miracle Trees’ The Native Americans Used For Medicine — The Lost Herbs