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  1. Carol

    So now you’ve taken commenting off on all of your posts that are flat out lies. Typical republican with blinders on. What’s funny is the newest election results show Biden won fair and square.

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    1. If you follow Purrseidon (purrseidon.wordpress.com) you already realize that we failed as cat parents… Not only does Purrseidon love to swim and boogy board in the Atlantic (a couple miles away), her brother Katsu loves to swim AND Pawsephone loves water as much as the other 2 combined.

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      1. I believe our downfall began when we took in Purrseidon, who was an abandoned feral of 4 weeks old and Saphera, the dog, became her surrogate mom…. Over the years, when Katsu and later Pawsephone were rescued, Purr was top cat and she thought loving water sports was normal… It was normal for her just not for typical cats and by the time we realized the others had also been ‘corrupted’ it was too late.


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  3. Another chance to remind people to spay and neuter their pets. Except for Jeanne, Purrseidon would have been “played” to death by that dog, and her poor sister drowned.

    Negligent people who let their pets wander around getting pregnant (or impregnating) make me steaming mad! Purrseidon, at least, got saved from the dog – never a good idea to let a dog do what that dog was doing with Purrseidon. Poor kitty, she must have been terrified!

    OK! OK! I got that out of my system, for now! That said, Jeanne, I enjoyed learning more about the kitten Purrseidon, having followed her as an adult in this blog. She is more special than I realized, and she IS a pretty special kitty!

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    1. Mr. Doug, I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about my early days. While that neighbor dog was an awful beast, it didn’t take long for me to learn that Saphera is a wonderful doggy mom, so I learned early that not all dogs are bad.
      BTW, Mr. M was born feral, too and in many ways, he had a much more difficult life, since he needed to take care of himself for years….
      And while I’m on this topic, my staff found Saphera running next to the interstate when she was about 6 months old ( she’s 8 or 9, now)… she had a broken tail and PTSD, but our staff thought she was wonderful…. they also shake their heads because she still runs and hides from strangers, but begs to go outside to watch fireworks.
      Have a meowser of a day, dear furiend! >^.^<

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  4. We were wondering if Purrseidon would be interested in being interviewed for Cat Forum’s January edition? We would send the questions and she would send the answers and pictures. Thank you. Snoops and Kommando

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    1. We don’t have a dinghy, but my human staff used to have one when they lived on a catamaran. Artemis, it must be wonderful to live in such a beautiful place and be able to jump into the sea whenever you want!

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      1. GeorgieMoon

        To be honest, I’ve only gone swimming when absolutely necessary, for example when I’ve fallen in twice… Once I jumped onto another boat from ours and landed on their fender which was too slippy, so, Splash! And once when I tried to leap ashore when we were mooting stern to, and I misjudged the distance… Oops!

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      2. In the Bahamas, we met Sharkey, a pretty little black and white cat, who lived aboard Carpe Diem … her humans each had their own dingy and Sharkey loved to bounce back and forth between them – until the day she didn’t look before she jumped over the rail, when one dingy was gone and landed in the water….

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  5. Glad to meet you Purrseidon. Our humans thought alike on using purr in our names, and greek gods! I’m not as keen on water as you are, but my furiend Shadow is…you two should really meet if you haven’t already. Paw Paw for now! =^,,^=

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