Wordy Wednesday

Karen, Tori and CP were spooked by a hawk’s dive…. They are all fine, but Karen is now out to get that hawk … I’ve never heard of anyone taking on a hawk with a water gun, but do hope it works!


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Avocado Seeds for Anti Aging?

Dr, Josh Axe wrote an interesting article on the avocado seed, “The avocado has been all the rage lately with every type of avocado toast you can imagine being found at nearby cafes. Additionally, avocados offer the benefits of healthy fat. But what about the avocado seed? Before you toss that seed, you may want to tune in to what it can do for you, such

avocado close up colors cut
Photo by Foodie Factor on Pexels.com

as providing amazing antioxidants, possibly helping reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s and lowering pain from toothaches. It also may aid in the treatment of diabetes, constipation and diarrhea, and arthritis — not to mention its antifungal properties, collagen benefits, cholesterol-lowering effects and more — making it the latest and greatest super-seed.

“There is another side to this story that you need to consider, however. Are avocado seeds edible? The California Avocado Commission specifically states that there is not enough data to know just how good the avocado seed is for you. Basically, it recommends avoiding it for now and suggests that sticking with the amazing nutrition found in the avocado flesh is a far better choice.

“On the other hand, research is being conducted. One study indicates that evidence leans on the side of it being a healthy alternative to consume and use with cosmetics.  Below I share what I have found so that you can decide for yourself, but always take precautions when trying anything new or anything that has not been supported by enough data prior to consuming. ”

For Dr. Axs’s pros and cons, please read the rest of this article. This powerful antioxidant resource can be used topically and if you’re interested in trying it, this video shows how to process the seeds into a useful powder.

Sunday Selfies

Purr101Dear Furiends,

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Last Sunday, I told Ms. Ellen that I would bribe Karen to do a closeup selfie to show off her pretty blue ‘cheeks’ … and here it is:


Aren’t those the most amazing cheeks you’ve ever seen?

Um, that part on the left is Tori….

I think  C P has cheeks, but it is impossible to be positive about that…. I can never be sure if she’s even looking at me.20190609_093203

Angel said, “Wow, cool this morning, Ma. Yes, I’ll wait right here in the kitchen with you until you finish your coffee. Until then, I’ll keep my eyes on the big thicket and trees on the side of the house. Some creatures are stirring in there….”IMG_20190811_084043

<sigh> and then, there is my dear brofur, Katsu, who really doesn’t seem to understand the concept of photos at all… First off, one needs to be in front of the camera, not behind it. Secondly, that is a piggy bank, not a real camera.


Have a wonderful day, dear furiends!


Feline Friday Fillins

20190422_1014521. I love it when the new school year begins.

2. I know it’s time to get up when the sun rises.

3. Others come to me when they need snoopervision.

4. We should never take the education system’s quality for granted. Whoever is in charge of this doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job, which is why we home school…  at least until high school…p22

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1. I love it when __________________________.515a59e9-dfd7-454d-9f08-c1567cb12997

2. I know it’s time to _________________ when ________________.

3. Others come to me when they need _________.

4. We should never take _________ for granted.

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