Sunday Selfies



Ms. Bossytail Purrseidon says I need to tell you that, “This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – please, click here to visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.” If you drop by each week, I’d think you’d know that by now, so I don’t know why it needs repeating.

I get to host Sunday selfies because I have super-exciting news – — We have a Christmas tree!!! It is the most amazing tree I’ve ever seen or even imagined. Katsu says it gets put up for a little over a month every year but we aren’t allowed to climb it… I’m not sure if he meowed that because it has strange bark or because he has problems with heights (no depth purrception because of his eyes). Anyway, I haven’t tried to climb it and like lounging under it while I stare at the lights. The staff gave me that purrty blue ornament as my very own.

I love this Christmas tree!

My blue ball is lovely, but those little lights are magical!

I think Katsu loves it, too, even if we aren’t allowed to climb it. He says that the purrty boxes are super special for our staff. They are nice, Ms. Purrseidon claimed one of the the big ones, which has a back door in it…. Said, “Mine.” went in and except for a Ms. Bossytail comment, hasn’t been seen or heard from since. I guess that one is her Christmas cottage, so purrhaps Katsu and I can now get more hotel time.

Cousin Winston says his tree went up a week ago, but it doesn’t look a lot like ours. No pretty boxes, much less empty ones,… I understand the love of boxes, but not when one can’t see the pretty lights when they are inside. Anyway, back to Winston’s tree, if you look close, there is more different than the boxes – the balls are mainly on the top part and just one is down at his eye-level…. Apparently it is there as a test to see what he’ll do. He says that on the advice of Quark, Boson, Ms. Lucy and Mr. Gabe, he is ignoring the whole tree…. I don’t know how he can ignore those lights, but then Ms. Saphera doesn’t seem to be having a problem doing that, either.

Ms. Purrseidon’s tom-furiend, Angel, claims it is getting cold and his Ma still needs purrayers for her health. She should be in tippy-top shape by now, as hard as the 3 of us have been purraying, so I guess this mini-stroke thingy isn’t as minor as it sounds.

…. I just had a thought – do you think my purrty blue ball is a test for me, like Cousin Winston’s low ball is?

I bet-cha it is!

Have a great week, everyone – I hope you have your own lovely little lights to stare at.


Furiends, I came out of my box to snoopervise the finishing of the tree and place the PEACE ornament…. this year, the tree’s theme is WORLD PEACE. What do you think of our end result? Purrseidon

Feline Friday Fillins

1. Why is medicine so expensive?… I’ll give you a hint – it is the same answer as to why medicine only seems to improve the problem, but not quite cure it, so you need to keep buying the stuff… Big Pharma is greedy and wants more and more money/profit.

2. On holidays, I always have a second serving of turkey, and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.

3. I’m eternally grateful for my family.

4. ‘Tis the season for finishing the cleaning of the swamp…. and I’m purrty sure Big Pharma is part of that nasty swamp that Purrsident Trump and his supporters are cleaning.

This post is hosted by Ms. Ellen of 15 and meowing and Ms. Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs. Yesterday, they asked these questions. (Ms. Ellen asked the first two fill-in-the-blank questions and Ms. Lorianne the later two – our answers are underlined.) If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can simply answer in the comments section. These were the original questions:

1. Why is _________________ so expensive?

2. On holidays, I always have a second serving ______________.

3. I’m eternally grateful for _________.

4. ‘Tis the season for _________.

This post is also purrticipating in Comedy Plus’s Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a great day!