Thankful Thursday


5 Thoughts to be Thankful for on the Thankful Thursday before Good Friday:

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20190415_094221Dear Furiends,

I woke up when our housekeeper started vacuuming Saphera’s tumbleweeds (in other words, she is shedding, again).  When I went into the room I use for a classroom, Katsu was sitting next to the incubator trying to peer in. He had placed 2 of his crinkle  balls next to the incubator and looked like he was trying to lure the egg and sick chick out to play. Poor guy doesn’t understand that the poor chick with the bad leg didn’t make it. The other egg is already late and after trying to save the other and opening the incubator I am sure it is not viable at all… It never moved, peeped, or anything. Thus, the lure of Katsu’s favorite toys won’t have any effect on the situation where our eggspectations have been dashed.20190417_110738

I’m thinking that the vendor didn’t take propurr care of those eggs before they sent them to us and plan to give the company an appropriate review.

Katsu is heartbroken – he so wanted to have his own chicks and be a good mother hen, too.

20190415_092743I will allow my dear brofur to help care for DD & CP. (In case you’re new to my blog, DD is the lighter colored on and CP is the peaceful darker one.

They look chipper this morning, don’t you think?



Eggspecting…. Again…

Dear Furiends,20190414_192634

Ms. Purrseidon and I have been eggspecting, again. Do you see the incubator I’m watching? It’s on top of the bookshelf and I’ve only abandoned my post during the past day for ‘necessities’…. Ms. Purr has been busy-busy montherhenning CP & DD.

In case you want a close-up of our 2 eggs:

incAren’t those eggs cute? Better yet, they’ve been cheeping for the past few hours, which is why I began my vigil. 20190414_161238

I called Ms. Purrseidon, to come check out the purrgress, then she requested that our staff put the incubator on the floor so DD could inspect her forth-coming sibling, too.

Alas, as Ms. Purrseidon mentioned in the Sunday Selfies, DD & CP are going through an ugly ducking phase, as they grow real feathers. However, I’m certain this is just a phase because Master Munchkin assures me that all our hatchlings will grow into ‘the poodles of chickens’ and poodles are cute.

And so, the wait continues….

BUT there is slow-going purrgress. Do you see it?20190414_161124

FINALLY, one of the eggs is starting to crack!!!!

I can’t get too excited because hatching can take more than a day…. It is very tempting to flick a claw and help, but I’ve been warned not to do that because help, even though it seems good, will be harmful in the long run.

This waiting is frustrating!

Purrticularly when I can’t do anything but wait.20190415_100418

(hours later)

It’s FINALLY starting to truly happen!!! So we’ve  all gathered to greet our new chick.

AND here s/he is!!!

20190416_110348.jpgNo name – yet – but s/he looks a lot like DD did when she first hatched.

And so our little family continues to grow, or at least I hope so…. He needs to dry completely prior to rechecking. Seems one leg is under it and it is not using but it is using the other and the wing in the opposite side to spin. Not really lifting his head up either. Once dry if no improvement I will bandaid his legs and put him in a cup then start vitamins and see if it helps. It maybe saddle leg? Or maybe one leg is wrong which is why it was having trouble getting out of the shell.. He also is not lifting his head so maybe that too. Both wings seem fine and are flapping. 20190415_100119

I am surprised he made it through the night. DD & CP slept well – possibly because they cheeped so much encouragement to this no-name-one. In fact, DD (right) fell asleep cheeping, so I had the staff put her in her warm cubby.
The other side. He is a cute little guy and determined. Nothing with the other egg.

BTW, the red glow on the other side of the incubator is the heat lamp over the chicks’ cubby… we can’t have them away from the heat for long.


Palm Sunday Selfies



Dear Furiends,

Happy Palm Sunday! I did my level best to pose with one of my palms, I hope this is adequate for this special day.  This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here


Obviously, I need to educate Katsu about which plants are palms… <sigh> At least his heart is in the right place.


CP & DD are sort of in an ugly duckling stage, which is purrticularly impressive since they aren’t ducks…. Grown feathers are beautiful (my opinion), but the purrocess of growing them obviously isn’t attractive… I imagine they are growing real wings. With the amount of feathers on their feet, I’m wondering if feet are used for flight, too….


Alas, our dear furiend, Angel doesn’t have a palm to pose with, but he rose to this selfie challenge by doing his selfie in the window, which overlooks other trees. Angel is also pleased to report that Spring does finally seem to have arrived in Ohio… the grass is growing, too, which he says Ms. Cherie doesn’t appurrciate.