Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends, I did my selfie in  our newest Chewy box … hopefully, M and I will do reviews next week… Irma disrupted our schedule.20170908_222504.jpg

Despite a purrsuasive argument, Halo refused to join in.


Surprisingly, M had enough box time in the past week that he was agreeable… IMHO, his whiskers look purrticularly handsome.


AND I helped a cloud do a selfie, even though it was trying to escape!


Have a wonderful week, dear furiends.

Purrseidon >^.^<

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Friendly Friday Fillins

15723915_10207955831629660_476349247_n1. I have broken no bones. Seriously, what kind of question is that?!? I might live an adventurous life, but I’m not clumsy enough to break myself…. dishes are another story…

2. When I go out to breakfast, I order lizard tail. Of course, I need to catch it, myself, but it’s very tasty… I don’t know why my staff gets so upset about me fending for myself or wrings their hands over the fact that most of the lizards who live here are running around with half-grown or no tail… those tails will grow back.


Mr. M

3. As Summer officially comes to an end, how does one know, except by looking at a calendar? For those of us living in Florida, the end of hurricane season is much more important than the end of summer, which never seems to end.… summer might be over according to the calendar, but hurricane season won’t end for a few more weeks.

4. Before this year is over, I really need to make a plan for 2018.

This post is purrticipating in a blog hop hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing Yesterday, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. I have broken __________________ bones.

2. When I go out to breakfast, I order_________________________.99df57c83891005a0ddaa69294a44b8a

3. As Summer officially comes to an end,_____________________.

4. Before this year is over, I really need to_____________________.

Casualty of Irma

p1190551Dear Furiends,

Irma caused a purrsonal loss that I’m finally ready to share.

I lost my favorite banana tree.

Practically every day, I would climb it until I was high enough to look over our fence, then I would get the neighbor dog’s attention (he is a pesky, noisy fellow)…. When he saw me, he would over-react and start barking and barking and barking. Eventually, his owner would come out and scold him for being noisy…. Of course, as

20170909_135417soon as that door began to open, I would duck out of sight, so that annoying dog appeared to be barking at nothing…. Alas, my tree had a half-grown bunch of bananas, so combine being off balance by that with Irma’s rain and winds, I finally got outside to see this:

It will be months before any of the others are tall enough for me to resume my game.



Irma Update

Dear Furiends,purrwings

Thank you all for your well wishes and purrayers. The worst of the storm is past, but gusts are still blowing the trees.  In case you are interested, I made a few notes:

On Saturday, as I was checking the back yard, while wearing my storm-fighter outfit, Ms. Kiara told mom, “Cops have all public beaches blocked but cars were at every side beach. Honestly it looked worse with Matthew when we were out there watching the surfers.”  She went to the beach!!! Not only didn’t mom go to the beach, but most importantly, no one even thought to take me!!!

7 p.m. Sunday, one reporter said that   +/- 3 million were without power … another reporter said over 4 million were without power. Ours has flickered a lot, but we’ve had more problem with satellite reception on the tv. DCT_SPECIAL106_1280x720

We were in the storm’s apex (for our specific area) around 9 p.m. Sunday. That was both the good and bad news because we were also be at the point of moving from the NE quadrant (due to Irma’s direction, this was the worst, quadrant since tornadoes were spawning there) – but it was also the best because we were getting rain. Alas, I wasn’t allowed to go out and play… Believe me when I tell you I tried. Unfortunately, when I managed to slide the door open, I got stuck between the door and the shutters and had to be rescued… Humiliating as that was, at least, I could smell the rain.

In Irma’s SE quadrant there was hardly had any rain, but it is/was quite breezy.  Thus far, the top gust Pops has registered in our yard was 28 mph, but according to one news reporter, our area’s top gust was 76 mph. DJXokQ-UMAEpMiM


Other areas had it much worse. For instance, in Tampa Bay the water was pushed out …. would you believe that as the eye passed, some humans and even a dog thought it was okay to go out and walk there?!? A tsunami takes water out, too, but the water always returns with a vengeance. And it wasn’t any different in this case. Apparently when it rushed back, it was 7′ higher that normal. Hopefully everyone made it back to safety. Here is a short clip of that from DJZbtioWAAAZtrB


Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione offered sensible advice for undocumented shoppers looking to avoid a lengthy prison sentence:

Despite being warned, some people tried to take advantage of the storm to steal… very shameful behavior! DJZRyV5XUAUlQNc

I heard that at least 9 were arrested…. they should have listened to that advice… I hope they didn’t think that sneakers were the only thing that would send them to prison!

On one final note, I wonder if anyone was foolish enough to break into this shop:DJZRjLfXcAAhCtH

Purrseidon >^.^<


Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,puzzwl1.jpg

I’ve scheduled this to post on Sunday because I don’t know if I shall have power or internet on actual Sunday…. Irma is such an inconvenience.

Stay safe dear furiends,… I’m snoopervising a jigsaw puzzle and holding down the box… it is a very important job.

Purrseidon >^.^<

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