10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Love Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, who will? And how can you love anyone else if you don’t first love yourself? These are valid questions. When someone doesn’t love themselves, we can tell. We can see it in their demeanor, their face, and their posture. We can hear it in their tone of voice and the…

10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Love Yourself — Chateau Cherie

Two Prophetic Dreams That Are Very Important

October 3rd Dream #1 I was in an airport, it actually looked very similar to the Tulsa airport. There was a man, mid to late 30’s short blond hair, shaved on the sides styled on top. Had a black pin stripe-looking suit on with a white shirt. He was trying to run away and I was…

Two Prophetic Dreams That Are Very Important and Shared on the October 7th, 2021 Broadcast — Ark of Grace Ministries

4 Reasons Why Fake Friends Stick Around and 2 Ways to Weed Them Out

Everyone has fake friends- people who only pretend to like them but secretly wish them harm and bad luck. And often, these people want to be right up under us now, only to end up betraying us later. But if they hate us so much, why do they continue to stay around? Here are a…

4 Reasons Why Fake Friends Stick Around and 2 Ways to Weed Them Out — Chateau Cherie

Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,

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While I lounge in the new property, which I received for my birthday, Rumble is on garden patrol – I know it is uncatish, but that little guy does NOT like boxes, though he is getting better at getting under covers, which the housekeeper doesn’t seem to appreciate …. she is rarely fully awake first thing in the morning, which is when she makes the bed, and she doesn’t seem to realize how helpful Rumble is being as he helps her make the bed… He is also very helpful doing his garden inspection.

Pawsephone likes taking breaks in her box-house, too.

Katsu will go inside, but he likes to inspect the structural integrity, first.

Our dear furiend, Angel, reports that he and his ma are well as can be expected.

Have a wonderful week, dear furiends!