Catio Update

Dear Furiends,20180531_162744

I had the staff bring the limbs from the tree we cut down into my our catio, so I couldt make “bridges” for Katsu and me to play on ….scratch too.

The plants left to right are: mints, curcumas, catnip, lavender and curcuma, empty pot, Katsu in the big catnip, empty pot, majestic, palm   and empty….. Since I don’t totally trust Katsu not to sprawl on it, the cat grass pot is outside until its grown … Ms. Kiara was true to her word and gifted me with cat grass seeds! … She is the bestest herb dealer, ever!!!
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Purrseidon >^.^<

Planning for Spring…

Dear Furiends,unnamed-9

I’m planning for spring because three very important things have happened: we’ve received seed catalogues; we’re having a cold spell (do NOT listen to the idiots who claim global warming!); and I miss our insects and butterflies. As you’ll recall, the humans sprayed poison to kill mosquitoes that might carry zika virus, last year & apparently that dreadful stuff killed off a lot more than those mosquitoes. I’ve been able to count the number of birds and butterflies I saw last year on my two front paws… I have four toes on each paw.) M and I really, really miss watching birds and butterflies, so I’m planning to plant flowers that butterflies love. In order to know which seeds to buy, I referred to this chart, which Mr. M discovered on Pinterest, and thought you might find it useful, too.


Did you notice that catmint was on the list?!? I didn’t know butterflies were such connoisseurs.

Purrseidon >^.^<



13227873_10206317397629834_1886694223_nDear Furiends,

Did you know that mint repels insects, so it’s good to plant around your house or have by your doors? I loved the ‘nip plant that that vile hurricane stole and I bring this up in a mint post because catnip is a type of mint. So 10253932_898047713550824_3526470196379477676_nfuriends, urge you to repel bugs from your home with ‘nip, but if you live in a hurricane area, put it in a pot, which you can secure inside…. Hurricanes apparently love it so much they steal it!.

Purrseidon >^.^<

PS: Mom wrote a post on ‘nip a while ago & included the following info-graphic:



Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,20170410_100102

Today is not only Sunday, it is Easter, which is apparently a special Sunday that honors bunnies, so today, Professor Gunner has agreed to be featured on my blog.

Purrseidon >^.^<


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Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,20170217_105311

Instead of the traditional Sunday Selfies, M and I decided to make todays post about our Valentine’s gifts (we made out like bandits)  The tulips belong to our staff, but I love them and think they add something to the photos.


The thing on the left is a cat massager with Mister M’s blend sprinkles  on it… it didn’t come with that blend, just some generic ‘nip … we ignored it until the staff corrected the situation. Once they added Cat-a-bliss, we were all over that massager and have not stopped.


The tall thing, in the corner, is an interactive cat feeder puzzle for me – the staff thinks having this will  stop me from hunting and ripping bags open… So far, they are correct. It is made for overweight cays to eat slower but they gave it to me for the challenge.

I even toss food to the bottom for M. Aren’t I a great sisfur?

20170217_105443The tube is a ball chase that we don’t really care for. Apparently, the staff thought we would enjoy smacking it. Not!

The mice and balls are fun to hide everywhere including outside and in mom’s bed. M also got meds to prevent his frequent UTI issues … so far, he doesn’t mind them, which is good.

Purrseidon >^.^<

(Saphera got a big rawhide bone, but she ate the whole thing, so I don’t have a photo of it.)

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Praying Mantis, etc.


Dear Furiends,

A praying mantis was in our house and happened to be on the sliding doors vinyl cling grave yard. (The staff has begun decorating for Halloween, already.)p1190482

Master Munchkin, who is a bit of a science nerd, said it was a boy because it had wings… I had the staff take a few picture before they put it outside… We had to be quick because Purrseidon likes to befriend all sorts of creatures.





Later, I helped Ms. Kiara prepare some orders. She paid me for my services with some of my blend. She claims I spent the next hour insisting on belly rubs, then I became  quite spry for a bit and freaked her out by standing on 2 legs while scratching my ear. I was NOT having some weird seizure, just enjoying the relief of arthritic pain. Once we were done preparing the orders, she and I discussed the possibility of doing some joint marketing and combine my novels with her nip. We haven’t worked out any details, and haven’t even decided if we will be offering p1190355paperback or ebooks with her blends – for that matter, we haven’t decided which blends to combine, but if we did, don’t you think this would be a nice package?

Mr. M  =^.^=


Sunday Selfies



Dear Furiends,

Did you wonder what I was sitting on this past Friday? Well, this basket is where I keep my catnip toys (and where I once was dumb enough to put M’s silvervine stick)…  Ehem, I’m trying to get past that incident. I’m also trying to organize my toys, so I now have my ball collection in an Easter basket, which I claimed (it’s much larger and many of my balls are nice and big, too).

I put my catnip toy collection in this old Christmas basket, and now can easily find the one/s I want. Otherwise, the sneaky things tend to end up on the bottom.

Ms. Ellen of 15andmeowing made these  – and many others in my collection… She makes the very best toys, so today, M and I are doing selfies with a few of our favorite toys from Ms. Ellen.

Have a Meowser of a day!

Purrseidon  >^.^< & M =^.^=

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Wordless Wednesday


Dear Furiends,

Mr. M and I would like to thank Ms. Ellen and Ms. Phoebe for sending us these lovely custom made toys.  They are wonderful!

Thank you so very, very much,



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