Sunday Selfies


p1190559I caught Mr. M snooping around my microscope …. He was sniffing what I’d been looking at, not peering into it, so I am still not able to convince him it is more wonderful than his boring old telescope…. I can always use my microscope, but he can only use that telescope at night and then only when there isn’t cloud cover.


Inlet selfie:


….That’s a mangrove tree in the foreground…. very fun to climb.

Saphera was playing with me:


Gunner, snoopervising the pond for me:


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31 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. WOW… that’s a “the-most-beautiful-selfies” day 😀
    The mangrove tree is beautiful but the foreground is wonderful!
    Purr, you look so concentrated, Mr. M curious, Saphira relaxed and Gunner hilarious 😛
    Happy Caturday!

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    1. Sid, I was definitely concentrating, good of you to notice! I’ve been allowing M to post the Sunday Selfies, but last week, he included a squirrel!!! I detest squirrels, so do my best to avoid/ignore them…. and he put one on MY blog!!! Made sure I beat him to it this week! …. Wish I knew of something that terrified him to return the ‘favor’, but how does one post a photo of thunder or the smell of the ocean?!? >^.^<

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      1. We live 3 miles from the Atlantic, so any time the wind comes from the East, we can get whiffs of that tantalizing scent…. I love it, M, not so much. As per thunder, that comes with lightening and Florida is ‘the lightening capitol of the USA’, so we get a lot.. Tornados seem to pop up all through the year, but they aren’t usually big, like those in the middle states…. more like a branch or two gets knocked off. That said, tornadoes are often embedded in hurricanes, but we’ve only had one of those in the past 36 years.
        Yes, squirrels are very nasty!!! >^.^<

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      2. So close to the Atlantic, that’s awesome, and the breeze blowing gently in the sunny days is amazing =^:^=
        I was born in a hurricane, sang that famous singer… Xander will be happy to smell the adventure behind the blustering sea 😛

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      3. Yes, breezes from the East have all sorts of amazing scents! My biggest problem is motivating the staff to take me there. Would you believe that they didn’t even consider this, until I literally dragged them over the dune??? ( I followed the scent I’d picked up while we were hiking the Jungle Trail, which is next to the Inter Coaster Waterway, which they assumed I would find more interesting… >^.^<

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      4. I’ve seen squirrels in the park next to the beach, but not on the actual beach.. Believe me, I am pushing for a swimming pool, but all I’ve managed to talk them into is my fish pond… >^.^<

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      5. Thankfully, the swimming season is most of the year, down here…. A pool would not be subject to rip currents, which are a main reason why that annoying staff keeps me out of the Atlantic. >^.^<

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  2. messymimi

    There’s plenty of room in this world for peeking at the small things we cannot see and peering at the skies.

    All of you are ready for your close-ups!

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    1. ERin, dear furiend, thank you for pointing out the main problem with Purr’s microscope – things look big enough to dine on through it, but aren’t even a decent taste. Still, she seems fascinated by increasing their size, and trying to see flavor. =^.^=


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