Asteroid Day

Dear Furiends,mrm

Did you know that today was Asteroid Day? I didn’t, but apparently there is a global awareness campaign to help people learn about asteroids and about what we can do to protect our planet from asteroid impacts.

This year, Asteroid Day includes a 24-hour streaming-video marathon that kicked off at 01:00 UTC this morning; translate to your time zone or just press “play”  to see if the livestream is still going.

Furiends, I apologize for taking half the day before I realized it was a special day.

Mr. M =^.^=


9 thoughts on “Asteroid Day

  1. Amazing! Now it’s 21.30, i.e. Greenwich (0 hour) 20.30 + 1 hour 🙂
    You, Mr. M, are in Florida, i.e. Greenwich 20.30 – (minus) 5 hours = it’s 15.30 😛
    I’ll try again, that’s funny!
    Thanks for sharing, my furriend ❤

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