Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,20170318_143832

Today, Professor Gunner Hamilton and I are purrticipating in Sunday Selfies, which is sponsored by The Cat on My Head. To see what some of my other furiends have posts, please, click here  We are also purrticipating in Mama Kat and Bear Kat”s Pet Parade ….Yes, I said Professor Gunner Hamilton a.k.a. “Er”… he officially has a name! I wanted Professor Jelly Bean but lost. Whatever we call him, he is the most cuddly brofur I have ever had,

We also have two guest selfies – 1 of the Atlantic & the other of a brown pelican

Have a wonderful week, dear furiends!


^.^<  PS: M is still giving the bunny boys the ‘squint eye’.


23 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

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  2. dawn

    I love the name Professor Jelly Bean, but I can understand why Professor Gunner Hamilton was chosen. It’s very distinguished.

    Thank you for joining in the Pet Blogger Linky Party!

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    1. I still purrfer Professor Jelly Bean, but am willing to compromise … IMHO, it is wise not to argue over the minor things and IF someone did argue, I would think the professor is the one who should debate the issue… It’s HIS name, after all. >^.^<


  3. Thank you for linking up to the showcase! Your selfies are always stunning, Purr. Was that a barely veiled insult of Mr M when you said Professor Gunner Hamilton is, “the most cuddly brofur I have ever had?” Poor Mr M. First a troublesome younger sisfer with a penchant for his silvervine stick and now BUNNIES!!! I have a feeling if a cock-a-poo shows up, he’s packing his bags.

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    1. Purrticularly is the cock-a-poo is Cricket ( she has an embarrassing crush on M)… I did not intend to insult him with the comment about how cuddly the Professor is… I was trying to be factual – Professor loves to cuddle; M doesn’t. Actually, I think M is warming to the Professor, since he is a very personable bunny… I also admit that I am beginning to understand why M still gives Halo the squint eye…. I’m thinking that I might need to step in and try to civilize him.

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    1. I’m thinking the staff REALLY made a wrong call with Halo… that bunny is NOT angelic… Don’t tell M, but I understand why he keeps giving him the squint eye. >^.^<


  4. Hehehe I’d have picked Professor Jelly Bean myself, but who am I to disagree with such a cute fluffy Bun. Great selfies from you ALL. PS I think with a beak that big, that Pelican could be quite handy mousing!
    purrs, Erin

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    1. Ooooohhhhh! I hadn’t thought to ask the Pelican if s/he would be interested in that. Come to think of it, I bet’cha that beak could even be effective against squirrels!!! (IMHO, Professor Jelly Bean is still a more fitting name, but he didn’t think it was dignified enough…. go figure!) >^.^<


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