Purr copyDear Furiends,

I FINALLY officially met my new brofur and IMO it went well… I will also be fair and tell you that I think Katsu and Saphera think it went well, however, my staff seem to have some reservations due to petty issues that include the new drape of a tablecloth.

Let me begin at the beginning,  I gave Katsu the paw a few times, so he would know who is in charge, but did not hiss or extend my claws. After a bit Katsu went and played with his crinkly ball and I watched. Meanwhile, the chef  told me to remember how much I wished M would play with me, but he was already old and not feeling great…. Could I play with Katsu? He looked pretty good at ball.

I remembered how scary it was DSC_0069moving into a new place, but this wasn’t a new place to Katsu… he took over my bedroom, special human, my carrier, some of my toys and even my surrogate mom weeks ago.  Of course, about the time I had that thought, the chef mentioned that Katsu didn’t have anything except a bad eye and he needed the things more than me…. I swear that she can sometimes read minds and that is simply wrong in a human!

Well after a bit, I smacked the ball out of Katsu’s mouth and started to play with him. Katsu took forever to realize what was going on and I began to wonder if he’d ever played with another cat before…. and suspect he hadn’t. However once he figured out how to play with me, we ran all over the house.

Purr2And that brings me to that table cloth, which tried to get involved and is now half on/half off. A few dining room chairs are tipped and some piles of books sort of got knocked over … but we had fun together.

When the chef kept telling me to remember be nice, I glared at her and reminded myself to remind her who was boss, so she finally left muttering something about needing to kitten proof the house because I  am teaching Katsu “bad habits”.


Can you believe such rudeness?!?!?!

Purrseidon >^.^<

HUGE Problem!


Dear Furiends,

I have a HUGE problem!


Saphera keeps finding bunnies in the yard and eating them. There, I’ve blurted out the horror of it all… Mr. M call this ‘typical canine behavior’ and wants to know why I’m shocked, since she IS a dog. The ched nicknamed her Miss McGregor and now she is not allowed outside without one of the staff going with her.

Poor Halo is terrified of her. So instead of him coming out to play with me, I have been going into his cage and playing. AND I have NOT nibbled a single bite of spinach while visiting.. I figure Halo could see and hear these murders. Yes,that’s plural, I’ve confirmed 3, but suspect more. How could I in good conscious nibble on a succulent spinach leaf, when my dear brofur is obviously suffering from PTSD? At least I haven’t nibbled, so far.DSC_0787

I feel bad for Halo — he was making such progress was even sitting in the window ledges with me and pretty much free roaming. Though he isn’t able to talk about it, I am sure he witnessed the incidents. …. Yes, I meant to add that S…  I thought the first murder was an accident or a fluke but after 3, I know there must be a nest I am missing. The staff  and I have been hunting high and low for it. Two of  the murders were under my favorite climbing tree (the oak) and the other one was in the side yard so it can be anywhere – purrhaps even on the other side of the fence, where I’m not allowed to go. Since Halo is a member of our family, we plant stuff bunnies love as well as catnip… I am sure bunnies think they’ve found a magical garden and then here comes Saphera  …  she calmly walks up and grabs them…. I witnessed it and am horrified, so understand why poor Halo is so upset that he won’t come out of his hutch.

DSC_0799At least she didn’t torture the one I saw her grab. Still I am a bunny lover and the thought makes me sick. There is also the possibility that Saphera could get ill. I’m not sure what germs a bunny might carry that a dog could catch, but suspect this is possible…. If only Saphera understood how much her actions horrify the rest of us! If only Saphera didn’t alway want to eat, eat, eat – she’s overweight and hates her diet because she likes to gorge until she can’t eat more — which is why she’s on that diet.

Does anyone have suggestions about what I can do to make Saphera stop that; to help Halo get past his terror?

Purrseidon >^.^<


Deaer Furiends,

You  might not know that Halo’s hutch is in my catio, as is my purrsonal box. Well, last night, Halo was thumping up a storm of protest, so I had to see what was wrong. Only to see that Purrseidon was in Halo’s hutch and they were apparently disagreeing.

DSC_0518Halo and Purr are best friends. They often cuddle and play , though  sometimes they walk by bopping each other…. This confrontation was coming close to being the bopping sort… I mean look at their ears and expressions.

It was enough to get my total attention.

THEN, Purrseidon fled from the hutch and I finally realized what the dispute was over… do you see it?


Take a good look at Purr’s mouth…. Untitled

See the spinach leaf?!? Not only does she steal silvervine sticks, she steals spinach! How does she expect to earn our trust with this continued behavior?!

Mr. M  =^.^=

Sunday Selfies

Mr M caught playing & with open mouth!:


Me, Purrseidon, getting ready for a nap in a sun puddle:


Professor Gunner snoopervising the garden:


Saphera trying to look slim enough for a treat:


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Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,

I took a sneaky photo of Purr, who  woke everyone up by playing the keyboard at midnight…. Ms. Munchkin forgot to unplug it (it stays unplugged because Purr will turn it on and play with it if not, BUT when it is received_10212747633314939.jpegunplugged she never touches it) .  I don’t know what her obsession is with that keyboard, but she knows the power button and obviously associates it with the plug. I have seen Purr hop up and turn it on then paw the keys…  Between her obsession with  water and her continual efforts to be a jazz musician, I often question if Purr is really a cat.

While I have no idea when her water obsession began, I believe Purr developed her fascination with the keyboard because Ms. Munchkin used to let her sit in her lap and when she hit a key … Purr would then mimic it. I don’t know if my sisfur will ever act normal with all this as dog and human stuff so easily available.

And now, selfies of the rest of the crew ( and I even purrticipated):



Mr. M =^.^=

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Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,20170410_100102

Today is not only Sunday, it is Easter, which is apparently a special Sunday that honors bunnies, so today, Professor Gunner has agreed to be featured on my blog.

Purrseidon >^.^<


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Have a Hoppy Easter!

20170318_143717 Dear Furiends,

We hope you all are having a Hoppy Easter. Since this is Sunday, we’re combining this post with The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop … If you’re interested to see what some of our other furiends are hopping about, please, click here

Since Professor Gunner Hamilton and his brofur, Halo are bunnies and Easter seems to be about bunnies and colorful eggs, we are featuring them in today’s Sunday Selfies. In fact, Mr.  M and I even found a way to pawticipate, though I will be the first to tell you that M is NOT pleased.

Purrseidon >^.^<, Mr. M =^.^= & The Bunny Brofurs



Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,20170318_143832

Today, Professor Gunner Hamilton and I are purrticipating in Sunday Selfies, which is sponsored by The Cat on My Head. To see what some of my other furiends have posts, please, click here  We are also purrticipating in Mama Kat and Bear Kat”s Pet Parade ….Yes, I said Professor Gunner Hamilton a.k.a. “Er”… he officially has a name! I wanted Professor Jelly Bean but lost. Whatever we call him, he is the most cuddly brofur I have ever had,

We also have two guest selfies – 1 of the Atlantic & the other of a brown pelican

Have a wonderful week, dear furiends!


^.^<  PS: M is still giving the bunny boys the ‘squint eye’.


Friday Friendly Fillins


1. I have a hard time finding a gift for my sisfur, Last year, I gave her treats, but this year, she is on a diet… she mainly lounges around and eats, so I guess that’s why she is on the diet, but what can I get her that the staff will let her have?!? I’d give her a rawhide chewbone, but M says he got her one of those…. Does anyone have a suggestion?!? P1170909

2. I have no problem finding a gift for Master Munchkin… I think I could get him a fur-ball and he’d love it… if he doesn’t like something, he dissects it and either puts it under his microscope or reuses the bits and piece to make something else.


3. One of the best gifts I ever gave was my agreement to become an indoor cat and work as a writer’s muselil






4. One of the best gifts I ever received was a nice, sturdy cardboard box with a plush blanket inside AND my very own silvervine stick.  P1180143

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1. I have a hard time finding a gift for __________.

2. I have no problem finding a gift for __________.

3. One of the best gifts I ever gave was __________.

4. One of the best gifts I ever received was __________.