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Dear Furiends,

You probably don’t realize how significant today’s selfie is. That’s because you don’t realize that the rock I’ve got my paws on is Mr. M’s grave stone… it even sort of looks like him. I spend time there whenever possible. I overheard the chef say, “I think she is having a hell of a time with M and Halo being gone.”  What’s wrong with missing a beloved brofur and wanting to be near him?

As per Katsu, he’s slowly but surely learning to pose for the camera…. today, required a little something to focus on:


As a special treat, this is the nest some new birds are building in the gardenia bush… I’m not purrcisely sure what sort of birds they are, purrhaps sparrows…. last year we hardly saw any birds due to the awful poison-spraying to kill mosquitoes… As M DSC_0005always said, ‘the fools killed a lot more than those zika-carrying mosquitoes!’ This year is different – I’ve seen more birds and insects today than I did all of last year. Mrs. Dove (whose nest is in Sheriff Shrub’s ear) has already hatched 2 babies and is teaching them how to eat ‘big bird’ food! Purrhaps it’s just me, but I can’t help wondering if M has had a paw in all of this…. I know he was a powerful purr therapist, who could do just about anything, except cure his own cancer…. It’s quite a coincidence that things began to come back to our garden after that cancer finally got him.

Saphera is still playing tail-wag with Katsu (but not me!) and I’m peeved that she claims I weigh to much…. Pardon me, but I am NOT the one the vet has on a diet! Due to her insult, her selfie is last in line.31824468_10211602279748584_8234896789832990720_n

Purrseidon >^.^<


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18 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. Indeed, it would be difficult to find a better brofur than M. I know we had our differences, but that simply made us unique individuals. I loved him very much. >^.^<

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    1. Ms Marjorie, I just wish that my dear brofur and I could have been this close while he was still alive…. back then, we often seemed to be distracted by petty differences of opinion. For example, he was quite old and in iffy health, so wanted to have a quiet, peaceful life. Meanwhile, I was young and full of energy … I was very frustrated that M didn’t want to run and play. Alas, it took losing him for me to learn that I loved to spend quiet time with him. >^.^<


  1. I cant help but feel that you are right about Mr M, bless him, he was quite a guy and I think nature is helping set things right. Now as to being told to go on a diet, well someone really cant talk, can they, and its not just because Saphera is big boned MOL
    I think with time you’ll be able to shape young Katsu into a great companion, and maybe blogger too, but for now I think more training by your staff….
    Toodle pips and purrs

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  2. 15andmeowing

    You are the perfect weight Purrseidon. I think it is sweet that you like to visit Mr. M’s gravestone. My cats like to go in the closet and visit the ashes of Phoebe, Lucy, etc.

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    1. Ms. Ellen, I’ve never heard of anyone being buried in a closet before… is this some sort of regional thing? …. I don’t dare ask what misfortune occurred that turned them into ashes, but hope you don’t keep flammables in that closet!!! >^.^<


  3. Of course you miss Halo and Mr. M, and i don’t blame you for spending time out there. After all, right on the heels of all that change, you ended up with Katsu and all the changes that brought. It’s not easy to grieve at any time, add more stressors and you add more difficulty.

    Our local university has started a program to encourage more bats in our area so they can eat the mosquitoes for us. It’s working!

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  4. Good Morning 😄
    Mr M was inique, we all miss him, his stone is magnificent 😻
    Saphera’s attitude is amazing: surrogate-mom and alternative-dietist 😹
    Your garden is beautiful 😍
    Happy Sunday 💕


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