Blogging for Peace

received_10212752191068880Dear Furiends,

M and I can not understand why humans are unable to get along with each other and why some purrfer to hurt each other – or worse – than sit down, have a cup of catnip tea (or whatever humans drink) and  find common ground to base a truce on. Believe me, it is better in the long run than trying to hurt each other, just for the sake of inflicting injury. AND it is possible to do, after all, humans have more in common with each other than we cats have with bunnies and/or dogs – I give them as an example because M and I consider c1b99a1eeca6f8f4e9b8b80ab7d58c23certain of them to be family. I also admit that M continues to have a few issues with Ms. Cricket, who is a cockapoo. Her being a dog isn’t his problem, her having a crush on him and wanting to lick and slobber on him is the issue…. he is perfectly fine being her furiend, he isn’t very tolerant of wet stuff, but instead of smack her, he simply avoids her and they both have peace.

Love, not hate.

See how simple it can be?

My family accept me for who I am. And I accept them in the same way. Humans should give that a try, instead of slashing, hurting and burning, which doesn’t accomplish anything in the long run.

Purrseidon >^.^<

PS if you love the idea of peace, you can find more posts devoted to this here.


16 thoughts on “Blogging for Peace

  1. Oh my goodness, how I wish I had the houseful of animals you do. I rent an apartment and am not allowed anything. You are so lucky. And yes, if your crew can appreciate each other, what is the matter with we humans?

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    1. It is very unfortunate that you live in a place where you are not allowed to have other species. Can you at least have fish in a bowl? M loves to watch them and claims they are calming. >^.^<


  2. messymimi

    You are right, of course. The problem is there are some people who think it is their duty to hurt others for their religion, and it is so difficult to convince them otherwise. Then there are the ones who believe they alone know the right way to govern, and want to impose their way on everyone. Again, it’s so hard to convince them of what you say. We have to keep trying, though.

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    1. A fureind of mom’s is into astrology, and while I’m not so sure about this horoscope stuff, I think it is interesting that as per astrology, religion and government share ‘one house’ and spirituality lives somewhere else… Thus government and religion apparently are a form of control for others, while spirituality is one’s actual relationship with the universe and/or god.
      Assuming there is any basis for this concept, it seem to me that some governments and religions are not steering their followers in a wise or healthy direction, but then I’m just a cat, who doesn’t completely understand humans. >^.^<


  3. Peace among the humans, how great it would be. Humans have had great men
    talking how they should live here, but so few heard or hear their words. My mom just read words of a veteran, about 90 years old, he said there is nothing great or glorious at war, it is killing another human being, that’s all. He was telling the truth.
    Peace, my friends.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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    1. Kosmo, dear brofur, I have never seen war, except on the television, and what I see is not good…. I believe it is something based on negative emotions and those are rarely good.
      M is cautiously optimistic about Purrisident Trump, but would feel a lot better if he had a good cat snoopervising him…. He grieved when Oreo Pence went over the rainbow, but dares to hope that he is now in a position to do much more.

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  4. Amen Purrseidon!
    Lily here. The Humans definitely need some lessons on getting along although we could us a little of that here at the Tribe of Five. Oliver and Alberto are now young adults and they seem to take great delight in stalking and chasing me. I try to tell them that charity begins at home but the little hooligans don’t listen. Sigh, seems like humans and animals have some work to do.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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    1. Lily, dear furiend, Mr. M sympathizes with you. Alas, when I was young, I fear that I harassed him in much the same way… I didn’t intend to be mean, I was simply having fun and not thinking about how my actions might affect others.
      Ehem, he got my attention by smacking me. I know this is not ladylike and it certainly doesn’t seem like a peaceful action, but M got my attention and made me realize that I couldn’t just think about myself…. I’m still trying to think from the purrspective of others…. it is a pattern that takes a while to develop into a habit.

      Purrs, head bonks and purrayers that Oliver and Alberto soon grow up.



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