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Dear Furiends,P1130873

This post is about a basic as you can get – and gives an explanation for the size of an atom. Atoms are the building block of solid matter, but exceptionally small. I hope you enjoy this jpg, which I discovered on Pinterest.9f3c78c58f1b7d0e1d4a4b25a4c2bc10

Of course, some people believe that everything is made of star dust, and I must admit that I rather like that thought. Thus, I shall also share this cute jpg from Pinterest:c692c1e7-3398-44ec-92de-60ae40e98837



Have a fabulous day, my furiends!

Mr. M


7 thoughts on “Science with Mr. M

  1. The science behind collapsing stars (including burning of and the expelling of heavier elements) is amazing. In college, I had a slew of majors and took classes in many different subjects, but hands down, the astronomy course was my absolute favorite (and the hardest). The professor didn’t do a simple survey through the solar system … with lots of details to memorize. Instead we learned the complete life cycle of stars … the different tracks and outcomes … it was incredibly difficult, but also really cool.

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