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Have you ever wondered how waves were made? For some misbegotten reason, I started to that due to Purrseidon’s inexplicable obsession and I found this fascinating info-graphic on Pinterest.

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10 Fire Tricks

M=microDear Furiends,

Today I am sharing 10 Fire Tricks… make sure your parents help you! Also, if you’re the parent, pay purrticular attention to the things that can catch fire… many of them do not seem likely to burn… I mean would you expect hand sanitizer to be flammable?

And IF you store pool chemicals next to petroleum products, you’ll want to pay purrticular attention to what happens with chlorine and oil are combined….

WD-40 looks scary, too….

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20 Must Try Science Experiments for Kids

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Purrseidon seems to think Halloween is about dressing up… between you and me, she loves dressing up, so thinks everything is about that …  However, in this ole’ tom’s opinion, it is about fun and pumpkins … several of these fun experiments involve pumpkins. Click here to see all 20 Must Try Science Experiments. (Ms. Ellen of 15 and meowing alerted me to these.)

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IMG_20170718_213632Dear Furiends,

Do any of you happen to live near the Mississippi between St. Louis and Memphis? I ask this because I just viewed a very disturbing yourtube video (link below) saying, “Mississippi River going dry ABOVE New Madrid Fault – Crack in ground?”  The jpg below shows this fault line in red:


And here is the promised link to the video which disturbed me…

if any of you have information that can corroborate that the Mississippi is going dry, please comment… Also comment if you feel this is fake news.  In the past year, it has gotten difficult to know what to believe – purrticularly when I live so very far away.

Thank you for your assistance, dear furiends,

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