Tail Smack!!!

Dear Furiends,
Pardon me for hiding under this table, but as you can see by the title, this post is a rant and I do not wish to be disturbed…. My staff and munchkins went to the beach without me!!!
Can you imagine such an insult?!?
When they returned, they mentioned that the waves where small, which is just how I like them… see for yourself:
Beautiful, isn’t it?
And, I was stuck at home with the old tom in the box.
It wasn’t as if I didn’t remind them to take me, either. When I noticed that they were getting out the beach gear, I made several attempts to get my leash… it was stuck, so then I jumped on shoulders – and was put into my crate.
I’ve made road trips in that, previously, so at first, I thought they got the message, but then they left without me!!! footprint-1084898_960_720
They claim it was so hot I would have had a heat stroke.
Don’t they think I know how to jump in and get cool?
They say that they will take me when cools down.
Reow, this is Florida, it never really gets cool here, so I’m not buying that.
They also said that the water was crystal clear and it  was the prettiest and calmest they’d seen the beach in awhile.
I can see that I need to devise a better training plan for them! Does anyone have any good tips?
Have a wonderful day, furiends,
Purrseidon   >^.^<
PS: Mr. M here.  A furiend’s FB Timehop showed that a year ago, the munchikins and the water-lover where at the same beach and it was infested with moon jellys. There were none this time, so I wonder if those annoying things being on the beach had something to do with full moon. Regardless, my point was that I believe that the staff had my sisfur’s health and well-being in mind … it was 94 in the back yard and last year, she stepped on a jelly – and complained for days after…  Thus, I do not believe our staff needs training.   =^.^=
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35 thoughts on “Tail Smack!!!

  1. You know.. despite the fact that the beach looks like the world’s most awesome litterbox, it really is just the precursor to the world’s biggest bath tub.. and not even the good kind of bath, where it is warm and wet.. this is cold and wet and leaves you feeling dirtier than when you got in it..

    but maybe next time they go they’ll bring you home a clam to play with

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    1. I purrfer to go to the beach to at least wade or swim, but my main love is my boogie board. Unfortunately, my staff gets all hung up on stuff like algae outbreaks, shark migrations and moon jelly blooms.


    1. Oh, no, no, no, no, no! That would not have a positive result at all!!!! Knowing my staff, they’d put the shoe AND ME in the time-out crate to think about things.



  2. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to go! It looks like it was a really beautiful day for the beach. Make sure to give them the tail when they come home. Hopefully that will show them that they need to take you next time.

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  3. Purrseidon, that is just totally wrong. I mean, that is why I take my comfy spot on the kayak toy. Insta-shade. And if that is not enough a good dip in the water takes care of the rest. Oh moist food is saved for adventure days so I can get a good portion of liquid without having to actually drink. Don’t let them get away with that next time.

    Sarah and shadow

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  4. Well that just isn’t fair that you didn’t get to go. Those peeps need some more serious training. Surely they could have figured out a way to cool you off , like in the shade somewhere. Good luck next time.

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  6. We often have differing opinion in our house as well. The way the heat has been this summer, 94 degrees doesn’t sound bad. We’re pretty sure Purrseiden will guilt the peeps into taking her next time. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  7. portapatetcormagis

    It may have been too hot to take you to the beach safely. But surely then it was too hot for the humans, too.
    They should have stayed at home to keep you company. That’s the least I’d expect of them!

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  8. That’s so not fair that you got left behind! Although I get it about it being too hot. On my last two therapy cat visits, it was so hot in the car when we got in after we were done, I started panting immediately! My human had to turn on the air conditioner for a while before actually putting the car into gear.

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