Friendly Friday Fill Ins


1. I am most proud of my catnip plant’s amazing progress… in less than a year, it has grown from a sprig to a nice bush, which I can lounge under.

2. I am embarrassed to admit that even though I adore frogs, I can’t understand a syllable they say.frog-77147_960_720

3. My super-power might be green paws (in human, that should mean I have a talent for growing plants. I base this on ‘green thumb’.).


4. I really wish I could find an inexpensive, environmentally friendly energy source so that humans would stop focusing on gunky, stinky oil and other stuff that they should leave bebarrel-2852__180

This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGufy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. I am most proud of ___________.MM

2. I am embarrassed to admit ___________.

3. My super-power might be ___________.

4. I really wish I could ___________.

(M here. I am most proud of my literary skills.

I am embarrassed to admit how angry I got when my sisfur hid my silvervine stick.

I believe my super-power is understanding and forgiveness.

And I really wish I could help my sisfur clean up/stop the pollution in this world.)



38 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill Ins

  1. pilch92

    Thank you Purrseidon and Mr. M for participating in the fill-ins, you both had great answers -especially #4. I am glad the catnip is doing so well and that there hasn’t been another silvervine stick incident. 🙂

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      1. When I was younger, I didn’t work with the old tom in the box very much. In fact, we mainly would argue over who got to claim the box. I admit we still do that sometimes, but mainly we’ve learned to share.

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      2. Well dat’s good. Mommy insists we share everythin’ from da get. Ifin we try not too, she takes it away and says nopawdy can have it. Me just don’t think dat’s all dat fair. But mommy’s always been dat way, so me doesn’t see her changin’.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

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  2. Both of you have great answers. It would be wonderful if the world wasn’t being so polluted. Wind and solar power are great, but they are expensive to get set up. They are worth it in the end, though. While we were on the way to Corpus Christi, we passed by the wind farm and they were really spinning. They are fun to watch.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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      1. Something about the movement between high tide and low tide, but I don’t understand it, either… What I do understand is that the tide is always either coming or going, while the sun and wind are not as reliable.

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      2. So far, so good on the sun and wind coming and going, too. The closer we get to the coast, the windier it is, so maybe it is something that works better in coastal areas than farther inland. The sun, yeah, there are overcast days. Maybe they can find a way to harness the rays even though it is overcast. All of these things would be a great and, I assume, safe way to provide power and not be so dependent on stinky fossil fuels that will ultimately run out and not be so dependent on other countries.


  3. David E. McClendon Sr.

    I agree, finding a good safe source of energy would be great. Here in Texas, we have windmill farms that produce a lot of electricity. It just takes a lot of land. Solar power is improving. In fact, our power company will pay people for the extra solar power they produce. How cool is that?

    Hang in there, little buddy. Enjoy your plants.

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      1. David E. McClendon Sr.

        We looked in to solar panels for our house. The problem is that our roof is oriented in the wrong direction. Here on the Gulf Coast, we have plenty of wind. If we could get out of the town and into the open country where the noise would not bother the neighbors, we would install a windmill.

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    1. Trust me, I know how chaotic life can get … school re-started, yesterday… you would not believe what life has been like over the past couple weeks!!!
      BTW, The Red Claw (\ ) has 9 reviews on Amazon – 10 is my current goal, but I'd love 100 😉 If you are interested in doing a review, I give free ebooks in return for honest reviews posted at Amazon. Contact my secretary at

      Have a meowser of a day!


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