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Dear Furiends,

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I just finished redoing the youtube descriptions and making all titles match their pictures. Old Mother Hubbard is scheduled. Slowly we are getting better at this. I love the attention and posing so that part has been the easiest except when Katsu knocked the toy box over and I found all the toys at the bottom I’ve been missing.
Our youtube purrject was inspired by Master Munchkin, who often reads to us. Danny the Dinosaur is one of his favorites. He was a huge part in this idea as he didn’t really start reading aloud until he started reading to shelter cats, which is how I came to have Katsu, as my little brofur – he was born in the shelter.

Our youtube purrject also began because I was reading at night to a furiend’s little one – her life is hectic with a newborn, so she was struggling to find time to read. The idea started with a thought: Maybe if reading to cats helped Master Munchkin improve his reading skills, maybe a cat reading will help another child. Plus, we  read daily.
I like how books smell too.
Katsu came in to listen.


& now from our dear freezing furiend, who lives in Ohio:”

IMG_20200105_173045~2.jpgDear Purr and all your wonderful furry friends

This is my guardian angel doggy. Ma says our hair is about the same color. Ma just got home, and you know how I dislike her leaving. So I’m staying with the Collie doggy under a table by the buggy I refuse to use, other than treats inside. Ma loves taking my picture, then shows me. Go figure. Hope you are all doing well.

Bye for now. Purrrific love to all

Angel Kitty

16 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. Meowser Ms. Mimi. I’m glad you like my storytime. At the moment, my main audience is Katsu, but then one never knows how many there actually are, do they? I mean Katsu is right there listening, but one never knows who is seeing/hearing this on their computers.
      BTW, I’m currently in negotiations with Saphera to read the part of the wolf in Red Riding Hood… she wants a lot of treats, though.


  1. Looking mitey fine there Purrseidon an Katsu! An what a grate idea ’bout reedin! Mastur M iss so clevurr an has started sumthin furry guud.
    LadyMew likess to reed alot an sumtimess shee reedss to mee too.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    Meow meow Angel iss lovelee to hear from you again. You look adooorabell with Doggie. Mee thinkss of mee Rizzo THE R-A-T as mee Guard-ee-an too!!
    Wee are both so lucky to have found Meowmy’ss that love us….stay warm inn freezin Ohio…iss snowin here today too!! BBRRR!!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

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    1. Meowser BellaDharma dear furiend, I think Master Munchkin’s reading idea is purrfect. He’s also very helpful, as are the rest of my staff, with this purrject.


    1. In a way, our area has something similar – and in a way, that was a spark for this youtube idea. Master Munckin goes to our local shelter on weekends and would read to the ‘inmates’ It gave him a lot of confidence in reading… it also resulted in me becoming a big sisfur.


  2. cherieaw

    Great idea! I’m telling Ma to read to me. She reads her phone. She should read out loud so I’ll know what’s happening. Hope all our furry friends are fine. We have SUN today. So special around here. Ma is busy this week. She says she has to find me a new raining Anne doll. Now All her yarn hair is gone, her arms are off and any ribbons I can find. She holds her and strokes her saying, Ohe poor doll. You don’t have any hair left. I watch her asking Ma, do you finally get the hint? Have a wonderful week, love Angel kitty

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    1. Ehem, Angel dear furiend, just how did your doll happen to lose so many bits and pieces? You weren’t involved, were you?
      Purrseidon, who agrees that she should either read to you OR you should try reading to your Ma.


    1. Thank you, Ms. Marjorie! I’ve been reading to little ones for a long time. I also love it when Master Munchkin reads to me. Hopefully, youtubers will like Storytime.


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