Catnip Blends


The following is an excerpt from The Vi-Purrs, which will debut, soon:

Xander was going over the formula for Mr. M’s Special Blend, which was apparently Chester Moreau’s recipe for the yummy smelling catnip, and wondering if he was dense, because in all his five years, he’d assumed that catnip was catnip and he’d never realized there was more than one type, much less that there were recipes to blend the herb.314e69ebb3ea9181a857df6b0a097978.jpg

At the time I was writing this fiction, the info-graphic to the right was about all I knew about actual catnip. Chester Moreau is the ‘evil cat’ in both Purr-a-noia and The Vi-Purrs, and he uses catnip to manipulate other cats …  In actual life, I didn’t think there was such a thing as ‘catnip blends’, but the idea worked with the plot, so I used it.

When Kiara, who designs my covers, read the rough draft the concept of catnip blends captured her imagination and she began researching catnip more deeply than I’d imagined possible. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, Purrseidon and Mr. M, who had never, ever shown any interest in catnip, were testing Kiara’s version of Mr. M’s Special Blend … and they both loved it! I’ve heard of other sci-fi/fantasy authors having their fiction turn into reality, but never expected to witness this personally – much less over irresistible catnip blends, so I’m still wondering about Mr. M’s enthusiasm over testing Kiara’s Cat-a-bliss products. Even more amazing, my dear old tom is moving better and even climbing, so whatever Kiara is doing with these blends seems to be having a positive medical effect on the old fellow. Prior to becoming a Cat-a-bliss tester, Mr. M hadn’t climbed higher than the top of the kitchen trash can’s lid, which he would sit on, putting his eyes just above counter level, so he could watch dinner preparations. A few weeks after becoming a catnip blend tester,  he claimed to the top of the rafter between the kitchen and dining room and it has become his favored vantage point! 

Kiara will launch her Cat-a-bliss blends to the public, soon and I plan to stock up!P1160616.JPG

Project: Garden

As I said, it is spring in Florida and we are getting ready to plant the garden… Purrseidon is enthusiastic about this project because not only will we be planting chocolate mint, but catnip, too. In case you can’t tell the difference, Ms. Purrseidon has zero interest in the chocolate mint and Mr. M has zero interest in either.

Though she has been a reliable and willing tester for each of the Cat-a-bliss blends, this is the first time that Ms. Purrseidon has seen an actual catnip plant. Her serious expression was so comical. I can’t help but wonder if she is trying to figure out if she’s supposed to test it…

As usual, Mr. M is being elusive. This is not surprising, because prior to agreeing to be a Cat-a-bliss tester, he has never shown any interest in catnip… and he is also very talented about avoiding being in front of a camera. We were shocked when M volunteered to help Ms. P test.P1160727.JPG

Supervising Blend Testing …

Today, I needed peace and quiet to work on some editing, so Purrseidon is helping Kiara make catnip spray using cat-a-bliss whole buds.
The linen baggies that the nip comes in are perfect for using to make at-home teabags… have you ever seen a kitten so mesmerized by a coffee pot? Since this is Purrseidon, we can’t be certain if her attention has been captured by the scent of the nip experiment or the running water …
Kiara, who only live a few miles away, is working on making oils and sprays of each blend. Assuming this experiment works out, her next project is cat treats.

Guess what is going out this coming week?

Purrseidon & Mr. M look forward to testing these! Frankly, it would have been nice to have this, yesterday … Ms. Purr was in a rebellious mood … after being told to get down from the kitchen counters, twice, she jumped on top of the upper cabinets … I put her in time out in her crate.
I am currently wondering if Chucky would look too weird dressed as either Santa or a Wise Man.

Begin reposted blog:

Cat-a-bliss these blends are created to hopefully stimulate a relaxed vibe in your furry loved ones. They do come with a warning though not to feed these 2 strains to cats as it may upset their belly. Though people have been known to feed bits to them to relax them prior to a car ride… I can not recommend this.


So check your e-mails and if you are a winner send me your address so your kittens can receive their gift before Christmas!

Thank you everyone for all your support.

Source: Guess what is going out this coming week?

Catnip Test + Cat Music Site

Ms. Munchkin discovered a whole youtube channel dedicated to music for cats. Purrseidon looked terrified and but never stopped staring at the computer screen and looking for the source.

Last night, we tried the newest nip blend. It is supposed to have a hyper effect when smelled and a soothing when eaten. Well Mr. M did not try it and Ms Purrseidon sniffed it, then laid down in Master Munchkin’s lap and let him hang ornaments and decoration from her tail. I had never seen her so calm. I am not positive, but do not believe she consumed any of this test batch.

She is now napping in her favorite box:


Catnip Oil, Etc.

img_2113Before I forget to mention it, Ellen reports that product testing for Cat-a-bliss resulted in a ‘smacky paws’ confrontation.  Oh, dear, I didn’t realize Kiara’s nip tests could result in hostility!  Fortunately, it did not get violent – see for yourself:

A comment regarding catnip oil asked where this could be found… I had reblogged that post, so needed to ask Kiara, who designed the Cat-a-bliss catnip blends and had written the original post.  Mr. M and Purrseidon were privileged to test her Cat-a-bliss blends, but until they did, I assumed there was only one – perhaps two – types of catnip… As I suspected, catnip oil is an essential oil (and marketed as insect repellent as well as cats’ enjoyment). The more I learn about catnip, the more there seems to be to learn…. until I reblogged her Cat-a-bliss post, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as catnip oil, either. – This from the author knows Catnip is a more effective insect repellent than Deet and has mentioned that fact in her Sea Purrtector Files.

I checked Amazon and discovered they had this amazing selection of sizes and prices:

  • Product Details

    Insect Shield Synergy. Essential Oil Blend. 10 ml (1/3 oz). 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. (Blend of…

    by Plant Therapy Essential Oils
  • Product Details

    KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats, 1-Fluid Ounces

    by KONG
    $5.19$6.99Prime(4-5 days)
  • Product Details

    Insect Shield Synergy Essential Oil Blend. 30 ml (1 oz). 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. (Blend Of: Citronella…

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    $14.99($3.75/oz)$32.95Prime(4-5 days)
  • Product Details

    Catnip Essential Oil. 10 ml (1/3 oz). 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade.

    by Plant Therapy Essential Oils
    $32.95($3.30/Count)$45.95Prime(4-5 days)
  • Product Details

    Catnip Essential Oil 100% Pure 0.6 Oz/18 Ml with Glass Dropper

    by Dr Adorable
    $25.09$39.99Prime(4-5 days)
  • Product Details

    Catnip Essential Oil 1/2 oz (15ml) 100% Pure -Therapeutic Grade

    by Piping Rock Health Products
  • Product Details

    From The Field FFC301 1-Ounce Catnip Spray Rejuvenator

    by From The Field
  • Product Details

    Herb Pharm Certified Organic Catnip Extract for Calming Nervous System Support – 1 Ounce

    by Herb Pharm

Cat-a-Bliss … Origin

img_2029Kiara and her family live a few miles away and on Sundays, we usually get together with her family and some other mutual friends for lunch. Well, a few months ago, as we were chatting and sharing while eating, I mentioned that evil Chester Moreau (mega villain in Sea Purrtector Files) had created irresistible blends of catnip in The Vi-Purrs. I thought this was a minor plot point, but apparently Kiara found the idea riveting and began investigating catnip. SO, a chit-chat over Sunday dinner seems to be turning her into a drug dealer for cats.

I’ve heard of stranger things.11998273_10204871145274429_2026017874_n

She has one type that looks like photos I’ve seen of pot buds. I told her that I didn’t know if was wise to market that blend, until some future point in time when weed is actually legal … she thinks it is an excellent joke, but since M and Purr weren’t particularly interested in it, thankfully, she has been focused on flavor instead of visual look.

images-3Recently, I’ve been ribbing her about her ‘drug empire’, but I worry that she will have ‘visual samples’ in her little black bag, get tossed in jail as a dealer and not let out, until someone is smart enough to do a lab test her product… do criminal labs even have catnip in their databases???  And did you know there are 50-something strains of ‘nip? When I recently asked if she’d given up the visual idea, she said, “I still mix them with some broken up nip but the buds make excellent toys without being placed in anything and the cats love them.” <sigh> I guess I still need to worry about her getting arrested, but she is correct – her beta testers do love playing with those buds.

One comment over lunch and I’ve learned more than I ever realized there was to know about catnip… and yes, Chester Moreau is still using catnip as part of his evil plan in The Vi-Purrs, but I am confident that Xander will prevail.

Purrseidon Investigates the Bag

Before I get into telling you about Purrseidon investigating Kiara’s empty ‘nip bag, may I wish you happy Friday CSiT9-dUcAElZAwand have a wonderful weekend! Now, let me tell you about this black bag…

After Kiara began creating her ‘designer nip blends’ she carried samples for her beta testers ( a.k.a. Purrseidon and Mr. M) in the black bag pictured here with Ms. Purr:

P1130734 Obviously, Purrseidon finds this bag very interesting. Unfortunately, for her, at time of this photo was taken, the bag was empty. (a very disappointing discovery) So disappointing that she literally crawled into the bag … you notice that she is a lot bigger than that bag, correct? However, since cats seem to have the ability adn flexibility to turn themselves into some form of liquid, she managed to do it and found this dried up flower. P1130718

Pitiful, isn’t it? Her disappointed expression suggests that it was not what she’d hoped to find.  I’m not sure what types of catnip Kiara uses in her blends, but whatever she is doing seems to trump the 50% of cats who don’t have the gene that makes them susceptible. Mr. M was never particularly interested in ‘nip prior to this, either. However, my dear ole furball has been positively amorous and frisky which is why I’ve been wondering about ‘nip being good for arthritis and considering testing some on myself, too. … I can only imagine the reaction I’d get from Mr. M and Ms. Purr if they saw me tasting their ‘nip!

Catnip Testing – Phase 2 – More Results

Ellen said, “Thank you so much for the care package you sent my kitties. Those bats are adorable and that nip is good stuff. I got a video of Joanie enjoying some.”007
Ziggy was the first one to receive a package and he opened it all by himself. They tried to put it up where he could not get to it and somehow he ran off with a bag and they found him hanging out with the turtle.
Lessie kept trying to knock her package off the table and eventually, she opened hers too. It took her awhile because she was happy playing with the envelope. Her mom is impressed  – catnip mice never last a day. 12202594_765567086888768_996571955_n
Milo and his sister Kitty Me have only tested Purrseidons Purrferred. Milo is usually a very busy active boy who enjoys hunting, instead he curled up in his mom’s lap and laid there contentedly. His sister is usually anti-social, anti play, anti-toys – she loved it and played for a long time. They will try out Mister M’s Special Blend, later.
 12204756_883666358348825_1196947549_n mia
Two of Heike’s cats (sorry, no photos) who are usually not very excited about catnip went nuts for Purrseidon’s Preferred.  We only tested it on those who were usually unimpressed and they definitely were with Purrseidon’s Preferred!
So far all reviews are good and everyone said their cats liked Purrseidons Purrferred  and Mister M’s Special Blend. These are not available in stores, yet.  At the moment, the only way to get the blends is to have your kitten be a tester. is the facebook page for information on how your furiend could become a tester.

Catnip Trials – Phase 2

For Halloween, we sent s samples of Kiara’s catnip blends to a few cats we know… Chester Moreau, the villain in Purr-a-Noia and The Vi-Purrs, which will debut around next Easter, uses catnip to manipulate other cats and I mentioned that in The Vi-Purrs, Chester had developed catnip blends … this was not only amusing, but potentially possible, so Kiara began researching catnip… Mr. M and Ms. Purrseidon have done a lot of product testing and for Halloween, we expanded the tests.

This is what Marcha Fox, proud mom of two bengals and temporary caretaker of Ms. Angel a chubby tuxedo, said:TempImage1446498708134

The catnip arrived.  What a hoot!  Wish I had a video.  I was holding Ophie’s usual afternoon treat of a piece of bread with the envelope on the counter a few feet away.  She took a few bites of the bread then went over to the envelope and starting showing a definite interest in it.  I opened it with some scissors over the kitchen table and pretty soon all three of them were there waiting.  They grabbed the little bat toys out of my hand and I had to risk a variety of aggressive moves to get them away so I could take them off the cardboard backing. 

I took everything into the living room so I could sit down on the couch to sort thru everything, the cats all now on the coffee table.  LOL.  Ophie grabbed the little bag (catnip blend samples in a larger bag) and tried to take off with it!  I got it back and took out the little packages and decided to give them some of the catnip mix.  OMG, they went nuts!  Way more than they do with fresh catnip.  They are usually only moderately interested in the dried stuff.  I gave each their own pinch and they really went crazy.  Even Angel, who has seemed somewhat indifferent to it up until now.  In fact, she and Hammie were pretty close to each other and even got into a brief territorial brawl over it!  

Needless to say a huge hit!  I’ll wait a day and try the other stuff.  Ophie absolutely loves the little bats and is playing fetch with one right now.  Thanks so much on my behalf as well as Ophelia, Hamlet and Angel who have definitely had a more exciting afternoon than the usual.  TempImage1446498608165