Planning for Spring…

Dear Furiends,unnamed-9

I’m planning for spring because three very important things have happened: we’ve received seed catalogues; we’re having a cold spell (do NOT listen to the idiots who claim global warming!); and I miss our insects and butterflies. As you’ll recall, the humans sprayed poison to kill mosquitoes that might carry zika virus, last year & apparently that dreadful stuff killed off a lot more than those mosquitoes. I’ve been able to count the number of birds and butterflies I saw last year on my two front paws… I have four toes on each paw.) M and I really, really miss watching birds and butterflies, so I’m planning to plant flowers that butterflies love. In order to know which seeds to buy, I referred to this chart, which Mr. M discovered on Pinterest, and thought you might find it useful, too.


Did you notice that catmint was on the list?!? I didn’t know butterflies were such connoisseurs.

Purrseidon >^.^<


Sky Watch with Mr. M

mtele Dear Furiends,

I know that I usually tell you something interesting about the heavens in these posts, but recently, my brother (from a different mother & living in Finland) reminded me that the sky is interesting even when I don’t have my telescope handy.

Kozmo was talking about the Norther Lights, which I have only seen in photos, but I frequently see butterflies…. SO, before the butterflies leave for winter, I thought I would share these with you.

Happy Sky Watching, Mr. M  =^.^=