Meet Kazza!


Dear Furiends,

I learned a great deal about how my predecessor, Rom, viewed his ‘inner cat’ as I read Star Bridge and observed Kazza…. To have Xander de Hunter live up to Rom’s “inner-magical-tiger” in the Sea Purrtector series was a huge challenge!Kazza

Kazza’s Chatterre Trilogy begins with Star Bridge, which Rom was the paws-on muse for. Unfortunately, Rom went over the rainbow bridge before he finished Thunder Moon and Fire Island, which complete the trilogy, so I had the honor of working on those.

Star Bridge sets the tone of this trilogy when high-tech warrior, Colonel Larwin Atano, crashes his damaged star-fighter. His initial reaction to Chatterre is that its resources will purrvide him with power and prestige. Meanwhile, Nimri, who is owned by Kazza, is an herbal healer who must protect her tribe and planet, so you can see from the start what a seemingly impossible task Kazza needs to accomplish. If you’re interested, this is the short promo for that book:

The situation is not completely resolved until the trilogy ends. Along the way, Kazza si involved in many twisting tangles…. And by the end of this family-friendly series, he gets help from many unexpected sources.

In his official capacity as Catamondo’s Sea Purrtector Kamikaze Xander assists cats whatever he advises his humans to anchor. In Kazza’s case he purrtects and guides humans as they deal with clashing cultures and aura-consuming celestial dragons (a.k.a. madrox). MADROXYou can find both fine, fictional felines in your favorite online bookstore.

Mr. M =^.^=

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Note: IF you are a librarian, Smashwords links to Overdrive, where all of Kazza & Xander’s e-books are free to libraries in the format of your choice. (This is one of our contributions to literacy, which is something Purrseidon and I consider to be very important.)



Xander’s Furiends

received_10212712130987403Dear Furiends,

The beautiful Ms. Fluffy Morgan, is one of Xander’s most trusted advisors, as well as an amazing researcher…. you wouldn’t believe the 


connections she has and/or how quickly she can discover the most well-buried bit of information using her computers.

cat-721357__340Xander’s best buddy, Merlin, who I view as a water-loving idiot and often categorized as ‘unworthy’ and others know as the poster-tom for Decadent Delights cat food. (Actually, in this tom’s opinion, both reputations are spot-on… I hasten to note that Purrseidon disagrees about any cat loving water being an idiot.)

cat-1033460_960_720When Xander was removed from from the United States and ended up aboard The Whispurring Winds, Ms. Fluffy and Merlin tied in the vote for North America Purrtector. They compromised and agreed to share the Purrtectorship, with Merlin’s title being North American West Coast Purrtector and Ms. Fluffy becoming the North American East Coast Purrtector…. (Her father, Sir Isaac, who also believes water-loving-model-toms should not be Purrtectors, was not pleased about this decision and hopes things change after the next election.)

In his new, official, capacity as Catamondo’s first Purrtector of the Seven Seas (a.k.a. Sea Purrtector) Kamikaze Xander assists cats whatever he advises his humans to anchor and you can find him in your favorite bookstore.

Mr. M =^.^=

Note: IF you are a library/librarian, Smashword links to Overdrive, where our e-books are free to libraries & in the format of your choice / 99 cents each, during the Christmas season, for others. (This is one of our contributions to literacy.)REDthumb 

















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Note, too: Smashwords offers e-books of all formats, including PDF / Amazon offers kindle ebooks + paperbacks.


Meet Xander de Hunter

Dear Furiends,IMG_20170722_192052

During his youth, Xander “The Kamikaze” gained fame in Catamundo’s kickboxing tournaments. He came to the notice of Catamundo’s elite when he vanquished two Dobermans harassing a lovely Chocolate Persian. Instead of doing nothing, he leaped to the fair lady’s defense, shredding noses cat-1033441_960_720and clawing eyes until the owner turned on the hose, then carted his bleeding dogs to the vet. (I have yet to understand why turning on that hose stopped Xander.) After the battered Dobermans returned, they showed all cats the respect we so richly deserve.

The lovely lady turned out to be Ms. Fluffy cat-1045782_960_720Morgan, daughter of Sir Isaac Morgan, Catamondo’s Secatary of Cultural Affairs and Dame Miranda Morgan, renowned for her series of novels, Mouse Hunt. Shortly after Xander’s gallant defense of Ms Fluffy, Sir Isaac nominated Xander for Purrtector of their region. He won the election, and also continued rise in the ranks of Catamondo’s kick-boxers. On the side, Xander organized techno-savvy cats and created the first Catamundo website, which was a reowsing success with those who understood it. For the next two years, he organized and coordinated classes for techno-dunce cats, to learn to utilize By age 5, Xander had risen to be Catamondo’s favorite kick boxer, and he’d also been elected US Southeaster District Purrtector. Rumor had it that at the next election, he would become North America’s Continental Purrtector, but mere days before the election, Xander’s staff drugged him with catnip, popped his comatose body into a carrier, then they moved aboard sailing vessel, Whispurring Winds, a Gemini 105MC catamaran. His humans cast off the lines, then headed for the Caribbean… Catamondo’s Council held an impromptu emergency session where they created a new office: Purrtector of the Seven Seas and immediately voted – unanimously – for Xander to be the first Sea Purrtector. Kamikaze Xander organized his new position utilizing all the advanced technology available aboard: single side-band radio; satellite phones, marine radio and of course, the Internet, which he’d become skilled at.purrvszeus

In his official capacity, Kamikaze Xander assists cats whatever he advises his humans to anchor. You can find him in your favorite bookstore OR you can read the first chapter of his first book, The Red Claw OR visit mom’s website for news about all our books…. I wish I was a Sea Purrtector!

Purrseidon >^.^<

Note: IF you are a library/librarian, Smashword links to Overdrive, where our e-books are free to libraries & in the format of your choice / 99 cents each, during the Christmas season, for others. (This is one of our contributions to literacy.)











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Note, too: Smashwords offers e-books of all formats, including PDF / Amazon offers kindle ebooks + paperbacks.


Me-YEOW! has Arrived!!!

Dear Furiends,meyeonft

I am pleased to let you know that Me-YEOW! is available! As many of you know, Smashwords is our primary ebook publisher because it offers a wide variety of formats.

They also give me coupon codes, which I can share with you. If you already have an account on,  you’ll have instant access to Me-YEOW!. If you don’t have an account on Smashwords, you will be asked to create one — don’t worry, it’s easy and free!  Furiends, your coupon code is  QH38M   Remember to apply it at checkout, so you get Me-YEOW! for 99 cents instead of 2.99!!! 

It will also be available at Amazon, but I do not have a coupon code for them.

As I said, Smashwords is our primary ebook publisher, so if you usually get my books at Nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc., you’re actually getting them from Smashwords.

You can learn how to download Smashwords ebooks to any device, here., but basically, you  need the ‘address’ of your reader OR if you choose to read on your computer, you can use your email address & request a PDF copy. (mobi format is for Kindles and ePub is for either iPhones or Nooks).  P1180758

Mr. M  =^.^=

Purrseidon’s Opinion on Reading

p1110343.jpg Purrseidon and Mr. M both love books. In fact, as you look at the Munchkins’ overflowing bookcase, you probably noticed that we have more books than comfortably fit.

Periodically, we try to weed out the ones that are no longer relevant and/or those which we somehow managed to acquire duplicates of. And at these times, we either encourage others to read them or gift them to our local hospitals, libraries and senior centers.

You might have known that Mr. M’s job is ‘writer’s muse’, but did you know that every day, Purrseidon spends 15-20 minutes curled up with Master Munchkin and they read together?P1170998.jpg

Today’s topic was inspired by’s first question in today’s Friday Fill-Ins blog hop. Purrseidon’s answers are the underlined portions of the sentences:a2a95ce30a7cdd6804fcbc62dc207431


1.Everyone should read things that interest them because reading expands our minds due to the fact that we need to use several aspects of it at the same time as we process the written word..

2. My first pet was a treefrog that the staff wouldn’t let me keep inside.

3. My favorite time of the day is morning because every new day brings new prospects.

4. I think dreams should be pursued and, since reading is the theme for this post, I will also point out that we can find many ways to pursue dreams by reading.5682127613415b396dff2273fc59c718