Thankful Thursday

Dear Furiends,M

This post is purrticipating in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. While I know that winter is still howling outside many doors, Springtime activity is in my yard and this has my sisfur VERY busy, which is something to be thankful for. As the hours of daylight increase as the days get longer,

new leaves and flowers appear. These are all things I’m thankful for, but my purrsonal favorite thing in that some bees and butterflies have returned to pollinate the flowers…. I am purrticularly thankful for this because, after the wretched human government went berserk over zika they sprayed poison to kill mosquitoes … this killed way more than mosquitoes, so last year insect and bird viewing was dismal.

Mr. M =^.^=

The Ocean Hum…

14010035_10206892317162463_871346730_nDear Furiends,

Did you know the ocean could hum? Well it can. Researchers claim the hum is caused by the Earth’s movement, but the exciting thing is that – for the first time – someone actually recorded it!

According to the paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the hum can only be measured with sensitive instruments. While they don’t understand where these vibrations come from, I dare to  wonder if the ocean might be trying to purr….  Previously some suggested the hum was caused by pounding of waves on the ocean floor and the atmospheric turbulences, but I’m much fonder of my purring theory.

Purrseidon >^.^<


IMG_20170718_213632Dear Furiends,

Did you know that hurricanes not only come with various speeds of winds but also in different sizes? Until Irma, which was miles away, I confess that I never put a great deal of thought into those storms. However, having a trifecta this year – Harvey, Irma, Maria – I’m paying attention.unnamed.jpg

As I look at the flooding issues in Texas, I conclude hurricanes can also come with various amounts of rain. While Irma doused my area with a lot of rain, we didn’t have anything to compare with what Harvey dumped on Houston.


Yet, these storms are categorized by wind speed, which must be easier to gauge. That or whoever is calculating them finds water as distasteful as I do, so they purrfer to focus on the slightly less obnoxious wind.

Maria seems to have been the worst of this triad … my furiends and I are purraying for the people in Puerto Rico and we are very upset over the news reports stating how badly that lovely island was battered.

Mr. M =^.^=

Irma Update

Dear Furiends,purrwings

Thank you all for your well wishes and purrayers. The worst of the storm is past, but gusts are still blowing the trees.  In case you are interested, I made a few notes:

On Saturday, as I was checking the back yard, while wearing my storm-fighter outfit, Ms. Kiara told mom, “Cops have all public beaches blocked but cars were at every side beach. Honestly it looked worse with Matthew when we were out there watching the surfers.”  She went to the beach!!! Not only didn’t mom go to the beach, but most importantly, no one even thought to take me!!!

7 p.m. Sunday, one reporter said that   +/- 3 million were without power … another reporter said over 4 million were without power. Ours has flickered a lot, but we’ve had more problem with satellite reception on the tv. DCT_SPECIAL106_1280x720

We were in the storm’s apex (for our specific area) around 9 p.m. Sunday. That was both the good and bad news because we were also be at the point of moving from the NE quadrant (due to Irma’s direction, this was the worst, quadrant since tornadoes were spawning there) – but it was also the best because we were getting rain. Alas, I wasn’t allowed to go out and play… Believe me when I tell you I tried. Unfortunately, when I managed to slide the door open, I got stuck between the door and the shutters and had to be rescued… Humiliating as that was, at least, I could smell the rain.

In Irma’s SE quadrant there was hardly had any rain, but it is/was quite breezy.  Thus far, the top gust Pops has registered in our yard was 28 mph, but according to one news reporter, our area’s top gust was 76 mph. DJXokQ-UMAEpMiM


Other areas had it much worse. For instance, in Tampa Bay the water was pushed out …. would you believe that as the eye passed, some humans and even a dog thought it was okay to go out and walk there?!? A tsunami takes water out, too, but the water always returns with a vengeance. And it wasn’t any different in this case. Apparently when it rushed back, it was 7′ higher that normal. Hopefully everyone made it back to safety. Here is a short clip of that from DJZbtioWAAAZtrB


Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione offered sensible advice for undocumented shoppers looking to avoid a lengthy prison sentence:

Despite being warned, some people tried to take advantage of the storm to steal… very shameful behavior! DJZRyV5XUAUlQNc

I heard that at least 9 were arrested…. they should have listened to that advice… I hope they didn’t think that sneakers were the only thing that would send them to prison!

On one final note, I wonder if anyone was foolish enough to break into this shop:DJZRjLfXcAAhCtH

Purrseidon >^.^<



IMG_20170718_213632Dear Furiendshurricane-92968__340

Have you been monitoring Hurricane Harvey for the past few days?  If not, might I suggest that  in the future, you can follow hurricanes and tropical storms HERE. While their information is very informative, I think they could do a better job of explaining why one storm is a CAT 1 and the next could be a CAT 4 … Matthew, who stole Purrseidon’s ‘nip plant, last year was a CAT 3. (And yes, she is STILL meowing about that theft!)

Thus, today, I would like to share this information on the difference between CAT 1 through CAT 5 hurricanes:DIE7HE7UAAEfK01.jpg

BTW, before I sign off, am I the only one that thinks that the similarity between the shapes of hurricanes, a spiral galaxy and a nautilus shell is fascinating?

Mr. M =^.^=

Ring of Fire Eclipse


Dear Furiends,

Do you recall my post notifying you about the
Ring of fire eclipse on September 1?

While I could not purrsonally witness this amazing event, on September 3, APoD published this wonderful image of the eclipse, as it appeared to the observers  on Reunion Island, which is in the Indian Ocean.  

Oh, to have been able to see this in the fur!!!reunioneclipse

Mr. M  =^.^=

Sunday Selfies

Furiends, Spring seems to be monsoon season in Florida, which would be wonderful, if my P1170729.JPGstaff was better trained. Would you believe that they think they must stay inside and keep dry!?! Worse, they are so poorly trained that they expect me to stay indoors, too!

Me!P1170728.JPG Don’t they realize I am a sea goddess? Doesn’t my biographer read what she writes? Or is she so silly that she thinks ‘her work’ is fiction, just because she changed my name from Purrseidon to Mischief in the Sea Purrtestor series?P1170725.jpg

I don’t think my training techniques are at fault…. Mr. M dislikes water and has had major feline-mind-meld-power over my biographer for years. However, he’s getting quite old, while I’m young and strong, so I’m confident that I will soon have my staff retrained to appreciate walks in the rain as well as realize what fun mud puddles are to jump in.

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What has Purrseidon Upset?

P1130765What has her upset? Well, we have great weather here, in Florida – mid 80s during the day and drops about 10 degrees at night, so our water-loving cat wants to go to the beach… and we don’t have time.

Furthermore, we have loads of those poisonous baby frogs in the yard — they are everywhere. A neighbor even reported seeing one jump out of her van, when she got to the grocery store.  And there is this cute lizard that makes faces at her from the agave leaf: P1130774

BUT, the very worst thing is that Saphera, whose fur is thick and hot, has Purrseidon’s pool in the back yard – with water to play in – and Purrseidon is stuck inside.