Veteran’s Day

This post is purrticipating in Comedy Plus’s Awww Monday Blog Hop. but since it is also Veteran’s Day, I dedicate this post to all the amazing Four Legged Veterans, whose contributions are often overlooked.

St. Pat’s Day

Dear Furiends,DSC_0022

I couldn’t find green chalk to turn myself green for St. Pat’s Day, so I put on a green tinsel necklace, instead. Do you like it?
My staff celebrated with green donuts for breakfast… I am not not happy because they do not make salmon flavored donuts. In truth, I am not happy to have woken up then be offered a nonprotein breakfast, so I let them know by turning up my nose …. they were offended and claim I begged for a bite with ‘pleading eyes’… They were an awful shade of green… would you ask for one of these?!?
Mute is still in his box, so I”m dealing with St. Pat’s Day on my own and I’m now checking for a leprechaun …. will let you know if/when I catch it!
Purrseidon >^.^<

Wordless Wednesday

24251769_1111862722250184_273631401_nDear Furiends,

In the photo above, I am snoopervising my twenty-something strands of Christmas lights… They had gotten tangled over the summer, so the staff and I had quite a time getting them straight. On the bright side, I only needed to replace 3 bulbs. I am not sure where all these strings of lights came from and wonder if they might multiply when stored. Regardless, I’m making sure no one tangles them up again.

On another note, M is STILL playing the ‘sick card’ which means I’m still in total charge of posts as well as education and staff soopervision. Ugh, all that ‘box time’ is not how to locate the christmas spirit – it is more like unlocking the inner grinch. At least that’s how my brofur is behaving…. Between you and me, I don’t think he is sick at all, I think he is using that as an excuse to be lazy.

Then, there is Master Munchkin, who is insistent on digging up the old christmas tree and using it this year…. It is well rooted in the yard, so I see no reason why we must dig it up and bring it inside, purrticularly when it is obviously happy in the yard and I don’t need another project.

Purrseidon >^.^

This post is part of Create with Joy’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

Christmas in the Tropics….

P1140704Dear Furiends,

A few days ago, my furiend, Sid, who lives in Italy, asked for photos of Christmas in the Tropics…. Well, Mom and Pops had several from a beach party Christmas they attended, while living aboard EvenStar DSC00035_4(Xander’s Whispurring Winds looks and sails just the same).  That’s EvenStar riding at anchor in the Bahamas, as the Christmas Party took place on the beach.



Despite the fact that Mom and Pops avoid getting their photos taken, they aren’t shy about taking them of others. I hope you enjoy the collage I made of the Tropical Christmas Party, below.

Mr. M =^.^=