Wordless Wednesday


Dear Furiends,

My sisfur never ceases to amaze with her shenanigans … if you don’:t believe me, THIS is what I was staring at:

Mr. M =^.^=

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Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,p1190563

Hello from the back yard!

I even convinced Mr. M to pose!





AND, my friend, Ms. Froggy was hanging out on the door fame… Aren’t her eyes amazing?!? AND if that isn’t enough, take a good look at her incredible toes.



I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful week.

Purrseidon  >^.^<

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Sunday Selfies


Furiends, since I don’t feel that I can trust my sisfur or brofur, I’m spending more time with my hoppy friends… Last week, I introduced you to Froggy, well this is Toady and she is too shy to do a selfie … too shy to even look at the camera, but she is very nice and would never, ever conspire against me, like some others.

Here we are in the back yard, enjoying our Sunday morning.

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Friday Fill-ins

P1160313 1. I used to love to eat pop corn, but now it repulses me.

2. I would never eat catnip, but now that I’ve tried cat-a-bliss blends, I love it. P1140769

3. I always cry with relief when things work out right at the end of a good book.

4. Hoppity Frogs always make me laugh.


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1. I used to love to eat _____________________, but now it repulses me.

2. I would never eat _______________________, but now I love it.

3. I always cry ______.

4.______always makes me laugh.


Sunday Selfies


Furiends, it is time for Sunday Selfies and I have a special treat for you … my friend, Froggy,  agreed to do a selfie, too! Isn’t she pretty? Have you ever seen such big eyes?!?… And no, she doesn’t have big teeth, so this isn’t some sort of twist on Little Red Riding Hood.

When the camera clicked, Froggy got startled and hopped off in a panic … straight into Ms. Munchkin’s room, which was a disaster, since Ms. M is not very tidy. (My own dear Master Munchkin is very, very tidy.) Of course, I needed to rush in there to save her from the mess, so my own selfie was compromised.


Thankfully, I found her  in the pile of dirty laundry…


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Frog + Christmas Tree

P1140705.JPGWe’ve got another frog in the house. This one is much smaller and speedier (sorry no photos) than the Cuban frogs we’ve previously found inside. It is also more translucent.  I have no idea how long it has been inside. For all I know, it came with the tree and perhaps Purrseidon’s obsession with the tree-skirt is actually about that tiny little frog.

Having gotten tired of putting the petals back, just to have her undo it, we tried to distract her with a jingle bell … didn’t work.

That said, she still has not attempted to climb the tree.

Frog Watching

After a certain someone failed to talk us into another late evening trip to the beach and pier, she was successful convincing us to go outside… the walk lasted until she spotted a frog. At which point, she sprawled on the sidewalk and watched… I recalled the the idea I came up with for Mr. M…. tie him to Master Munchkin’s skateboard and tow the sleepyhead along with the leash … haven’t done it – yet – but one of these days….P1140201

Frog Inside, Again

P1130789And, of course, Purrseidon is enthralled with it. Fortunately, since we think the darn thing is poisonous, we’re rather glad that when we noticed it (because Ms. Purr was so intent) it was too high on the wall for her to reach. Of course, by the time Purrseidon was put in a safe place and I got my gloves, the frog hopped into a box of craft supplies – hopefully it didn’t secrete any poisons on my stuff!


Baby Tree Frogs…

P1130611We continue to keep Purrseidon away from the baby frogs, which aren’t quite as cute now that they are growing up – and we know they are potentially dangerous to pets. The good news is that there are no longer hundreds of them. The few remaining ones we have seen are in the banana trees, which Purrseidon can watch from the window.


Purrseidon’s Frog Friend

P1110509Yesterday afternoon, we discovered hundreds of tiny little frogs in the back yard. Using a macro lens, we were able to get photos, which were good enough to then go to google to find out about them. This is a photo of one sitting on a sorghum leaf. P1130069

Google says they are Cuban Treefrogs and invasive. Worse, they kill other treefrogs, bugs, lizards, snakes, and even birds. They secrete a poison that burns and have few enemies. One site said we are supposed to kill them on sight. Purrseidons friend is one too… and that explains why we thought s/he was such a big treefrog.
So, now I have a backyard full of adorable burning froglets that I apparently need to eliminate….
This burning secretion may explain why Saphera’ had not wanted to go out lately … I suspect she has felt the burn.
I need to research tomorrow something humane to do with them. I can’t kill them but there are so many and I am a little freaked out about a frog who kills snakes and birds… that is a mental image that is both comical and terrifying. P1130060