Thank You

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A big thank you to everyone who purrticipated by downloading a copy of The Chatterre Trilogy Box Set! One of my goals was to use sales to drive it up the ranks, which can put a book in a place where Amazon automatically purrmotes it. In other words, on one of their “Top 100” lists. AND it worked!

The box set is now #16 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > First Contact

Now, we wait and hope some honest reviews are left because other readers trust those to help them decide if this is something they want to experience.


Mr. M =^.^=

(The water heart was Purr’s idea – I wanted to either add a photo of the book cover or one of Kazza.)




Chatterre Box Set

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Exciting news – TODAY ONLY The Chatterre Box Set is FREE to Everyone, not just those who have Kindle Unlimited!!! So, get your copy kazzas3today. (I believe Amazon defines ‘today’ according to Seattle, Washington’s timezone.)

The Chatterre Trilogy features Kazza, a magnificent, magical alien tiger and his human, Nimri, who is an herbal healer. Alas, the peace is disrupted when Larwin, a high-tech inter-stellar warrior’s space-fighter crashes. Cultures soon clash because Larwin only sees Chatterr’s resources as a way to gain power and prestige…rezaaa (3)

BTW, do NOT let the term ‘box set’ suggest that a box is included … ebook format doesn’t have a blessed scrap of cardboard. (I’m certain Kazza is as disappointed about this, as I am.)

The Chatterre Trilogy box set is made up of Star Bridge, Thunder Moon and Fire Island. (a trailer, which tells the basic story is below) While the titles are available individually, at your favorite online bookstore, the box set is only available on Amazon. If you don’t happen to have a kindle, you can download an app – this is free all the time, but the box set is only free today.

Have fun reading, my furiends!  Please remember that honest reviews are appreciated.

Mr. M  =^.^=


In Remembrance of Rom

Dear Furiends,lil

This post is dedicated to the Remembrance of Rom because today we remember those we’ve lost. This was started by Zee and Zoey’s Deb Barnes to honor her cat Jazz and they are hosting a blog hop for Remembrance Day. To learn about other lost, but not forgotten pets click HERE.

Rom (1981 – 1997) was Mom’s ‘greatest cat I ever’, though I hope to elevate my status to be equal with him before I go over the rainbow bridge. I never knew that amazing tom because he lived before my time. Rom passed away at the age of 16.5 and had an amazing talent for using technology, in fact, my staff still think of him as a feline 007. Thus, when REDthumbMom and I wrote The Red Claw, we based Xander de Hunter on Rom. Thus, while Xander is fictional, he has Rom’s seal point siamese coloring with clear blue eyes and an un-crooked tail, best of all, he has Rom’s skills with technology. (Those skills are exceptional, as is all of Catamondo, a world Mom never imagined existed, prior to collaborating with me onThe Red Claw.)

Subsequent books in what has become the Sea Purrtector Series have been dedicated to other worthy cats.

Mr. M =^.^=

PS: Latitudes & Cattitudes was written later as a short prequel to the series, which we could gift to those who wanted to meet Xander.




Dear Furiends,

While I purrfer to write Xander’s stories, I realize that I occasionally need to let you know what is available, so today, I wanted to tell you know about Purr-a-noia, which is book #2 of Xander’s Sea Purrtector series. The story begins as tempers flair and fur flies when Catamondo’s Purrtectors enforce the new peace treaty with Dogdom. The worst fighting is in Haiti, so when the Haitian Purrtector asks for help, Xander de Hunter rushes to help Ms. Purrsey Lourdes.

Whispurring Winds sets anchor just before a festival, but not everything is a celebration and Xander quickly realizes that someone is organizing the revolt. Worse, catnip trafficking, witchcraft and voodoo might be involved and there even seems to be a plot to hex the Purrsident.IMG_20170722_192052

Will Xander be able to restore the peace?

So, that’s the basic story, what I don’t normally admit is that Purr-a-noia was the first book that Purrseidon and I collaborated on…. there is a lot more Purrseidon in the character Mischief than I’d like to admit…. they look alike, they sound alike and both have an unfortunate interest in water, but that’s not what I wanted to tell you. As I was opening books for a background (with the plan to have Ms. Munchkin be my model) Purrseidon realized the photoshoot was about Purr-a-noia, so she bombed it… IMG_20170722_192436

and didn’t want to leave, claiming it was ‘her’ book! 

Eventually, I managed to convince Purr and Ms. Munchkin to trade places…IMG_20170722_205218.jpgIMG_20170722_204033

At the moment, Xander’s e-books are 99 cents each at major retailers, though they’re a bit more through some overseas ebook sites.

If anyone is interested, I will add quick links  for the 5 most popular sites below -you can read the first portion free.

Have a wonderful day, dear furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=

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Star Bridge Promo Clip

Dear Furiends,P1130873

I think I am getting better at creating video clips, so  purractice does improve, if not make purrfect. Today, I wanted to share Star Bridge’s promo clip…. I didn’t purrsonally help create the actual novel… Rom was the cat-in-charge and he did a fine job…. I get insight into Rom’s character, as he purrtrays Kazza, the alien tiger. (IMHO, Kazza is the actual hero of the Chatterre trilogy, BTW, Star Bridge is book 1 of this trilogy and can stand alone).

6YA4NI3UZMy vote was for Kazza to star in the promo clip, but Purrseidon said that Larwin’s actions and greed caused the SBrigdeproblems….  she admits that madrox were involved, too. Despite the who-done-it issue, I still believe Kazza was the true hero, Regardless, for this promo clip, I am humoring Purrseidon and focusing on the humans.

Mr. M =^.^=  ( as always, constructive suggestions are apurrciated)