Awwwww Monday

Dear Furiends,

This post is purrticipating in Ms. Sandee’s Comedy Plus’s Awww Monday Blog Hop

I’ve been teaching the rats to come on command. … Did I mention that Ms. Muchkin adopted 2 baby rats a couple months ago? Well, she did. I tried to teach them to match socks, so they could be laundry assistants.. Alas, they are uninterested in matching socks. For certain, they are too small to fold towels. Their names are Apollo and Hyacinth… but I call Hyacinth, Hinney.

They are both basic black, but Apollo has a white heart on his back (Merlin has a similar heart on his abdomen, but that is another story) Like Rumble, Apollo is an explorer so training has been easy with him…. Hinney is a cuddlier, like Merlin, so he prefers to be in a pocket, hood, blanket, behind a pillow and so on. (Merlin is way too big for pockets.)

BTW, this is Apollo:

I snoopervised weed-eating the yard, cleaning of the chicken coop, and picking up the back yard, which included over 100 star fruit the wind had blown down – the chickens loved their fruity feast. THEN the staff pressure-washed the back path my chickens have been pooping on, folded a couch worth of laundry (I purrviously mentioned that Apollo failed his sock-matching lesson) and made beef stew. Ginger, my favorite chicken was thrilled to “help” me in the back yard. Tori, who doesn’t like change, side eyed me the whole time. When done I had our chauffeur walk the yard with me hoping to show Tori he is safe and so she stops attacking him. I mean Tori isn’t gonna win this one unless she chooses peace.

I am worn out…..