4 thoughts on “W H Visitor’s Center

    1. Carol, Carol, Carol… a good forensic accounting – which I believe should be done in each and every precinct, no matter who was declared the winner – because we need to be assured every one of our votes counted …. a typical accounting merely recounts ballots and compares them to the total claimed – yes, that sort can make it seem as if all is well BUT it might not be … a good forensic accounting will show all. For instance, let us say we’re doing an accounting of oranges – the total is 12 and that matches the receipt BUT IF we do a forensic accounting, instead of just count the orange orbs, we look at each one, so would you be happy to learn that five of the oranges were actually oranges; five of them were actually orange Christmas balls and the other two were lemons that were painted orange?!? I don’t think you’d be happy with your purchase.
      Carol, I know some things similar to that happened and for us all to have faith in future elections, we need to know what happened – and in which precincts – so it can be corrected.


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