Feline Friday Fillins

1. I had hoped Saphera would survive all of 2021 but she didn’t. She ALMOST did, though.

2. A goal I have for 2022 is that everyone will see the wonderful things that NESARA/GESARA us bringing to this world.

3. I’ll be watching when 2021 ends.

4. I hope 2022 brings truth, which so much of the lying media has been covering up.

This post is hosted by Ms. Ellen of https://15andmeowing.com and Ms.Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs.com. Yesterday, they asked thesequestions. (Ms. Ellen asked the first two fill-in-the-blank questions and Ms. Lorianne the later two.) If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can simply answer in the comments section. These were the original questions:

1. I had hoped to _____________________in 2021 but didn’t.

2.A goal I have for 2022 is _____________________.

3. I’ll be _________ when 2021 ends.

4. I hope 2022 brings _________.

This post is also purrticipating in Comedy Plus’s Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a great day!

22 thoughts on “Feline Friday Fillins

    1. Ms. Lisa. I’m sad for me for losing Saphera, but I truly believe she’s relieved that her spirit (soul) has been set free from her aged, diseased body… and I dare to believe she might not have completely left – purrhaps she is now watching over us as a guardian angel.

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  1. So sad about Saphera- it is always too soon. Cannot wait for 2021 to go away- masks are disgusting and I have issues with my sinuses if I am forced to wear one….blah.
    See ya next year! xoxoxo

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    1. My staff has come across busineMsses with ‘must wear mask’ signs… they ignore them and go right in… IF they are told to leave, they take their business elsewhere.
      Masks are for raccoons and Halloween

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  2. 15andmeowing

    Thank you for participating in the fill-ins. I am so sorry Saphera didn’t make it until the end of the year, but I am glad you had more time with her than expected. I hope you all have a happy and healthy new year. XO

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  3. Love your fill-ins and we’re on the same page. We are back in a mask mandate here in California, but I’ve not worn one. I’ve gone grocery shopping and about 30 percent of the people aren’t wearing a mask. That’s not happening in San Francisco, but is here. In South Dakota they have never required masks and they are thriving. I think all this is a march to socialism. Destroy business and depend on the government.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and a fabulous New Year. ♥

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    1. Ehem, Ms. Sandee, I’m very relieved to know you haven’t worn one. Mom wants to hold a bonfire to burn masks, but would need to actually get one to purrticipate and she refuses to buy such a thing… Masks are evil and I suspect they psychologically might take away one’s voice. For certain, they don’t purrtect anyone from viruses! HOWEVER, they do reduce oxygen flow for the wearer AND they can trap bad bacteria, which the body is trying to exhale, so IMHO those awful (not to mention ridiculous) masks are more dangerous that that supposedly deadly virus…
      Did you happen to check last year’s death rates? They were basically normal except for the flu… We didn’t seem to have a flu season in 2020…
      Purrseidon, who sees a sinister, possibly socialist plan….

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    1. I’m thinking many in the US have much different issues than we do… IF someone wants to wear a mask, they can, if they choose to get the jab, they can, but we have the freedom – at least in our county – to basically choose whatever we want. Our schools have never been closed, but they did have distancing issues for a while. Since we homeschool, we’ve never noticed much difference in our purrsonal lives other than the initial couple weeks in March 2020, when the staff paused to stay home and see if those 2 weeks made a difference… the main difference, was a lot of research, which continues.


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