A Christmas Card for YOU!

Dear Furiends, this morning, I sent out Christmas cards to those of you that I have e-mail addresses for. For those of you that would like a card from us, but I didn’t have an e-mail for,

You can view your card here.

Dear Ms. Ellem made us the cat-in-a-hat ornament years ago and we still love it. Katsu also has figured out if he climbs the tree he can reach a few of the stockings. 😂 None that he can get to are his though. He has issues with one specific jingle ball on the tree – probably ’cause now that presents are under it he hits his head on it going under the tree kinda sounding a cat alarm. Every time it jingles, he comes back and smacks it a few times as he huffs in disgust. 

Katsu and Saphera act as excited as little kids about everything Christmas. Meanwhile, Rumble and Merlin seem mystified by all the changes (tree, stockings, gifts, cooking, etc)

I have been busy teaching the munchkins how to propurrly wrap gifts… Actually, I now recommend gift bags.

Purrincess Pawsephone thinks we all are insane – at least that is how she acts as she spends a lot of time on the cat tree observing the chaos. But has made a point to cuddle a bit more, so purrhaps she is angling for a super-good-gift.

If you are not familiar with Jackie’s ecards, and are uncomfortable clicking a link in an email, I understand. Instead, you can pick up your card and read your message from Purrseidon Et. Al. by going to http://www.jacquielawson.com, clicking the Pick Up Card option in the menu, and entering your pickup code is: a8820c68

Merry Christmas dear furiends!


8 thoughts on “A Christmas Card for YOU!

    1. Ms. Mimi, you are wise as usual ‘controlled chaos’ is the purrfect description for my home!
      I’m hearing that NESARA has begun and hope it will soon emerge enough for all to see. Alas, the birth of the quantum financial system and all its wonders also means the death of the corrupt banking system, which humans know about, so there could be panic by those who don’t understand that the bad must leave to make room for the wonderful.


  1. 15andmeowing

    I am glad you still have have the ornament. I am lucky my cats don’t mess with the tree, not even the ferals. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! XO

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