11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

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    1. Which is why I expect big pharma and much of the medical ‘industry’ to go through a total revamp in the coming months/years. For instance, those medbeds have already been introduced in other countries AND from what I hear, they are free… if this is fact, something that efficient and free would automatically change that ‘industry’.


    1. Horrible, isn’t it, Ms. Sandee?!? Purrhaps it is my feline purrspective, but I don’t see any real difference between those ‘green backs’, which are supposedly valuable and Monopoly money, which my staff treats like a toy.

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    1. Eugi dear furiend, I’m blushing over your compliment… And I, too, think that last image tells the real story… so glad you like it! Have a purrfect day,


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