Life over Death…….html = Episode 19 of the Patriot & Lama show… in this very fascinating episode, Jimmie Schwinn (the Patriot) and Master Lama Rasaji tell us what is takes to have Life over Death.

At the end they will answer Questions so Do not Miss It!….html is one of their most informative chats, yet!

Master Lama Rasaji also has what he calls a ‘Circle of Life’ online group – this was free when I joined last year and I think it still is. Every day, Master Lama Rasaji does a 6 minute video that shares insights and information… I always get a kick about how he begins with ‘good morning’ … we’re up a lot earlier than he is – I know this for a fact because when he does one outdoors, the sun is up. 😉 Thus, I generally listen to these around lunch time, so always smile at the ‘good morning’. He also shares an e copy of his book Circle of Chi, which is really good. I keep a paperback copy of it in my bag, so I have it handy to read/reread when I’m waiting for something.