Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,

According to my chart today’s full moon (August 22, 2021 if you’re reading this some other time) = the sturgeon moon… Apparently, that fish symbolizes “endurance and resilience”. It also represents incredible strength and a powerful decision-making…. If that wasn’t enough, A monthly Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in a calendar month with two Full Moons. The Full Moon on August 22/23, 2021 is also a “Seasonal Blue Moon”……Should be a very interesting moon!

Katsu helped our staff turn a bar stool into a cat scratcher. Didn’t turn out exactly as expected and still tweaking it…. Actually, I’m not sure Katsu understood the project, since he tried to settle in the up-side-down project!

Despite the fact that scratching posts aren’t her thing, Saphera oversaw the project while I helped make breakfast (something none of us can trust Saphera to snoopervise)

and then noticed that side of the armoire has missed being dusted….. I’m telling you, a snoopervisor’s work is never done!

I have no idea where Pawsephone and Rumble were and/or how they avoided snoopervising duty.

Ooops! Was just told in a most forceful way that Pawsephone was busy watching Rumble, who was busy checking on the fish pond. (Since he is the only one who avoids water, snoopervising the fish is his chore because he can be trusted not to scare the fish…. However, I keep wondering what might happen if he ever figures out they are where some of this favorite dishes come from)…. My apologies for forgetting that outside duties are equally important!

Pawsephone says he is coming in with the pond report, so I’ll make sure he gets his selfie.

Not my best work, but then Rumble did look back at Pawsephone… I don’t know why he seems to think SHE is the one with all the answers! Anyway, he says the fish are getting bigger by the day and a hyacinth is blooming. He also said that a fish wanted to be in the selfies …

Great, the kid thinks of helping a fish honor the sturgeon moon, but not take his own selfie!

Anyway, I tweaked his photo by adding a circle in the lower left area to help you see the fish …. It might seem mighty small compared to our mechanical fish, but this one is only a couple months old.

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Our dear furiend, Angel, reports, “Things are good. Busy, but good.”

Have a wonderful week, dear furiends!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. Well he does seem to be very interested in the fish and he doesn’t seem upset when his paw gets wet playing in water, so you might be right, Ms. Mimi… As usual, you’re very wise.


    1. Dashkitten dear furiend, I’m certain you know how exhausting snoopervising is, so yes, in addition to assistants, I take cat naps.
      Have a wonderful week, dear furiend!


  1. Cherie Lebrun

    What a great update, Purr. So much snooping. Ma wanted to take a photo of me in the basket and blanket but she can’t hold the phone without dropping or wiggling. Someday. Ma keeps saying we’re at war and on phone yesterday dealing with mean dog. Maybe that’s the war. Not sure yet. We love you all. Angel Kitty

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    1. Angel dear furiend, most cats have been at war with dogs for years upon years, but I like MOST – not all – dogs. Hopefully the dog that is a problem for your neighborhood will find a good home and learn manners.


    1. The scratcher is functional, but there is a bit more ‘give’ to it than our other scratchers… purrhaps if the staff pulled the twine tighter and/or just did one side, so it was backed by itself… working on purrfecting the plan.


    1. Ms. Ellen everyone has snoopervising jobs that they can be trusted to purrform. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, dear furiend.


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