Happy Tuesday

As you know, I’ve taken over Tuesdays, with Purrseidon’s blessings (shocking) though we all know Tuesdays are her snoopervisiory days for the garden…. This post is purrticipating in Ms. Sandee’s Comedy Plus’s Blog Hop and I am using it to share things that make me happy. Today, I’m sharing a song I love – Tuesday Afternoon seems purrfect for today, and it should work if you click on the ‘watch on youtube’


12 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Dawn Hart

    Hiya, our first time visiting your blog, we may be a couple of naughty dogs but we love cats and won’t chase you we promise
    Boris and Eko


    1. Hiya Boris and Eka! We’re not prejudiced against puppers. In our furmily, Ms. Saphera is ‘mom’ to us 3 cats …. Ms. Purrseidon and Mr. Katsu think the chickens, who live in the back yard enclosure are their bablies… Having dog furiends is normal for us.


  2. I love that video too. I’ve not heard this in years and years. Beautiful. You made me happy too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. xoxo ♥

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  3. Cherie Lebrun

    Hi Paes. Thank you so much. Made my day. MA went off up the road before it gets bloody hot. I am heading to the porch after your lovely gift. Love and blessings to all. Angel Kitty

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