Happy Tuesday

As you know, I’ve taken over Tuesdays, with Purrseidon’s blessings (shocking) though we all know Tuesdays are her snoopervisiory days for the garden…. This post is purrticipating in Ms. Sandee’s Comedy Plus’s Blog Hop and I am using it to share things that make me happy.Pawsephone

10 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Cherie Lebrun

    Ah, Ma and I needed those today. There’s some karma we need to deL with, not bad, but allowing other’s nasty words to get to us. Why i hide until i know it’s safe. We cats transcend and see the world as it is. People need to love themselves instead of fear the darkness. Love, Angel Kitty

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    1. Hiya Angel! You’re wise about love, alas too many humans think the dark powers are stronger – of course, they are wrong, but trying to convince a human they need to rethink is super difficult!
      Have a wonderful day – we’re all still purraying for your Ma and it sounds like she’s finally getting better!


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