Sunday Selfies


Dear Furiends,

This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – please, click here to visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.

So, the chef made French toast with cinnamon swirl deli bread. Sausage, eggs, sliced bananas, banana slices, and glazed strawberries…. my mouth was watering THEN I did not get any sausage. I guess I shouldn’t have done my selfies white glaring at our chef. Fortunately, the chauffeur tossed me a corner of a piece. …. Our chef deserved the glare!

No one else realized how we’d been deprived – they were all sleeping in. At least Rumble sort of opened his eyes and waved at the camera.


Angel, our dear furiend in Ohio, meows that his mom is doing much better now that she no longer takes the medication the doctors purrscribed for her… I”m thinking that some doctors do harm and that isn’t good. It isn’t right, either.

Have a wonderful week dear furiends… these are exciting times!


19 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. Meowser Ms. Mimi, Angels mom is doing much, much better now that she isn’t taking that awful medicine! I, for one, would like to give that stupid doctor a smacking he wouldn’t forget!


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