Feline Friday Fillins

1. I just can’t bring myself to tolerate liars.

2. I have a hankering for a nice catnip shake.

3. Discovering how dishonest so many ‘reporters’, politicians and medical purrviders were changed my life.

4. At this stage of my life, I wonder where a kitten, like Rumble, gets all his energy.

This post is hosted by Ms. Ellen of https://15andmeowing.com and Ms.Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs.com. Yesterday, they asked thesequestions. (Ms. Ellen asked the first two fill-in-the-blank questions and Ms. Lorianne the later two.) If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can simply answer in the comments section. These were the original questions:

1. I just can’t bring myself to _________.

2. I have a hankering for _________.

3. _________ changed my life.

4. At this stage of my life, I _________.

This post is also purrticipating in Comedy Plus’s Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Feline Friday Fillins

  1. L.M.G. Miller

    Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins, wise Purrseidon! Lies and dishonesty really are sickening, aren’t they? I wish we could the rid the world of such things. Purrs!

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    1. Thank you for hosting this blog hop, Ms. Lorianne! I fear that I tend to harp on the topic of lies, and it seems like dishonesty has become an issue for me. I, too, want to rid our world of that!
      Purrseidon who hopes you’re having a wonderful week.


  2. 15andmeowing

    Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. It is sad how many liars there are in high profile positions. I bet your new brother is a lot of fun. Have a nice weekend. XO

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  3. Cherie Lebrun

    I can’t bring myself now to a catnip shake then a good catnap. Do you have recipe? Ma will make it. Now she wants a ham sandwich and orange shake from Aldis. Great she feels lik eating but shell only eat half. She seems happier now that she’s eating again. She looked like shrinking woman. Glory to God for food and bugs. Angel Kitty

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    1. Angel dear furiend, catnip is in the mint family, which humans eat (2 leggers are odd) anyway, tell your chef that she can make ‘nip treats by subbing nip for mint in most things – one exception would be chocolate/mint recipes … no chocolate!


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