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  1. Excellent interview…I may not be a Trump Supporter but I DO agree with him that Covid 19 was engineered in Wuhan Lab…it got out by accident or on purpose. The fact that China refuses to clarify anything & hides their information shows something was wrong! And let us NOT forget Dr. Li Wen Liang & Dr Ai Fen the first 2 whistleblowers~Dr. Wen Laing a healthy 34 yr old died from Covid mysteriously & Dr Fen went miss end of March 2020 after publishing her findings…she resurfaced 4 months (approx) later stating she was GIVEN Covid 19 & she is legally blind now & can not practice medicine. I hope I haven’t offended or overstepped here. I just had to share what I knew & I totally aGREE with Nicholas Wade!

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    1. Ms. Sherri-Ellen, to me, this isn’t about supporting and/or despising Purrseident Trump, it is about truth and how offensive I think it is when ‘they’ lie to us.


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