Cat Nips

. Raw audio file: . The three articles referenced in the audio are: The Karma of Untruthfulness Evil Foundations of Materialism The Gospel of St. John as Mystery Wisdom . The Gospel of Sophia Series can be downloaded for free. Gabriel Bookshelf. Get your consciousness out of the computer screen, with its distractions and bright lights, by…

Cat Nips — American Intelligence Media

8 thoughts on “Cat Nips

  1. I learned long ago that there are more stupid people out there than one would think. If we were living in prehistoric times, they would have been lost to natural selection long ago. By the way, I would recommend reading The Darwin Awards.

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  2. Wee liked this video Purrseidon! LadyMew meowed shee alwayss triess to do guud fore otherss an herself.
    Sumtimess wee run innto Banditss where wee live an LadyMew leerned a lesson 2 weekss ago when shee was NOT repayed THE $$ she lent….
    Shee said shee leerned from this an shee sayss shee was stupid to lend THE $$…..
    Live an learn rite??? 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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    1. Yes, live and learn… It is unfortunate that some make it difficult to trust decent folk who are in need. We try to ‘teach the ones in need to do for themselves, instead of give money and/or do things for them… We learned the hard way that if someone has ‘sweat equity’ involved, they really appreciate a thing / otherwise it seems like it’s “easy come, easy go.”


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