Summary of Joe’s Family Ties

At age 29, Joe Biden was elected to U S Senate – that was 1972.

Has been on stage in every major national political drama since Watergate and has the reputation of being a progressive Democrat.

Biden family partners are often foreign governments, where deals occur in dark corners of international finance like Kazakhstan.China, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Ukraine and Russia. Some deal have involved U S taxpayer money. The deals ofter make it look as if Joe has done favors for those who welcome family members. “These are not a few disparate enterprises, but rather moneymaking ventures that appear to be part of a well-organized family business.”

At least 5 family members are involved and Ive covered the ones highlighted, previously: Hunter (Joe’s son); Ashley (his daughter); 3 of Joe’s siblings: James, Frank, Valerie.

For 1972 campaign, Valerie managed campaign & James was financial chair – they “enlisted support of national unions, political leaders and financiers around the country.” & raised $276k for his senate run. He won by about 3k votes.

Shortly after this win, his first wife, and daughter were killed in a car crash and both sons, Beau and Hunter, were injured. He ‘commuted’ to/from Senate to Delaware via Amtrack.

The official story is that few years later, Frank gave him Jill’s phone number – they were married by a Catholic priest in 1977 / ceremony was held in the U N chapel in NYC.

Daughter Ashley was born in 1981. As the kids grew, they moved into a mansion once owned by the DuPont Company in Greenville, Delaware. Coming from such a promising start, it’s shocking that her diaries reveal so much childhood sex trauma, drug abuse and resentment for her father, but then again, we see that in Hunter, too, so it’s possible this could be part of an ugly pattern.

In 1988, Joe ran for president and looked like the favorite, then it was learned that he’d plagiarized a speech by Neil Kinnock, so he withdrew.

Longtime chairman of 2 Senate committees: Foreign Relations and Judiciary.

During the period between 2001-2005,Hunter was receiving consulting fees from MBNA, a major Delaware bank and credit card company. While Joe was sitting on the Judiciary Committee, he was also working hard on legislation to deal with asbestos-damage lawsuits… and son Beau was working for a Wilmington, Delaware law firm that was andling asbestos litigation cases. 

2001: Hunter became a lobbyist with Oldaker, Biden & Belair LLP they represented lawyers, American Indians, health care industry & shared an office with the National Group lobbying firm, run by William Oldaker, whose clients included the University of Delaware. Point of interest: PartyGaming, an online gambling company run out of Gibraltar, hired Hunter, but he dropped them in 2008, when Joe became Obama’s running mate – Months later, a co-founder of PartyGaming plead guity to violating the Wire Act and agreed to pay a $300MILLION fine to the US Government.

Sister Valerie ran all Joe’s campaigns fro 1988 to 2008. She was also a senior partner in political messaging firm Joe Slade White & Company – basically the company is just her and Joe Slade, but they got large feeds from the Biden campaigns – 2.5 MILLION in consulting fees from Citizens for Biden & Biden for President, Inc.

When he became Obama’s VP, there were suddenly opportunities on a global level and, as I mentioned in previous posts, Hunter andsiblings: James and Frank seem to have taken advantage of these.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy says prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into leaked tapes that allegedly feature the country’s former leader discussing conditions for a $1 billion loan with former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden …. check out

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