Thankful Thursday

This post is purrticipating in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, and since I am thankful for finding information and memes that make me think, this is what I’m sharing with you, but I gotta admit that ‘thankful’ isn’t exactly how I feel about some of Ms. Munchkin’s makeup experiments! (So now, you understand my expression in the photo above.)

12 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    1. Timmy dear furiend, one needs to very very cautious about who one believes – some of the liars out there have credible backgrounds and they make their lies sound viable. Worse, there is a lot of misinformation out there.
      I don’t allow my staff to wear masks – my research indicates those bacteria traps are far more dangerous than that China flu.


    1. Meowser and thank you!!!!
      Purrseidon, who admired wolves, possibly because mama Saphera could be part wolf – she has never been genetically tested, but has a lot of wolfie characteristics.

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  1. I’ve a friend in Canada that told me that her husbands workplace might demand all workers are vaccinated. If they don’t comply they will be terminated.

    I saw a commercial yesterday that said if we want to get rid of the virus everyone has to be vaccinated. EVERYONE or it won’t work.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, my friend. ♥

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    1. Mr. Charles, I will take your word for this, as I have never purrsonally tasted it…. but I believe you because I have sniffed and it smells awful!


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