Hunter’s Family Ties Pt 3

This is an overview of Hunter Biden’s activities:

In 2009, Hunter established a series of small investment vehicles with his friend and business partner, Devon Archer – they had both attended Yale. Rosemont Seneca Partners in partnership with Rosemont Capital were backed by the Heinz family. Chris Heinz is a stepson of John Kerry and roomed with Archer at Yale.

December 4, 2013, Hunter was on Air Force 2 with his father – going to Beijing, China. When the trip concluded, there was a HUGE (financial deal between Hunter’s firm. and the Chinese Government. +/- 10 days after the trip, the Chinese government – as per the fund’s website, the amount is more than 2 BILLION. …. NOTE: this deal was not with a Chinese company, thus the  Chinese Government and a son of the US VP became business partners when they created Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). Hunter was given a seat on the board of directors, supposedly unpaid while this father was VP. 

While at BHR: firm took an ownership stake in China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) a nuclear energy company – in 2016 CGN was charged with espionage against the US. They also helped buy out the American precision machining company Henniges in a joint deal with AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China), a military contractor owned by the Chinese government —- this needed to be approved by the Obama/Biden administration. BHR also invested in military-related technology companies like Face++ a major developer of facial recognition software used on phone applications.

Hunter also cofounded Rosemont Realty and struck a deal with the Chinese government in 2014. Daniel Burrell headed Rosemont Realty – another Yale grad & had worked on the John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign. A major investor was Rosemont Real Estate GP LLC – unclear who owns it. {At the time the arrangement between the Chinese government & Rosemont Realty took place, John Kerry was Secretary of State and married to Teresa Heinz Kerry.]

BTW, Hunter does NOT appear to have a background in either real-estate or finance.

Hunter actively cultivated these deals. He had visited China twice before in 2010 & 2011 to meet with senior Chinese government officials in finance.

Gemini Investments is traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange & is under the control of a Chinese conglomerate Sino-Ocean Group; chairman Li Ming, who has ties to the highest levels of the Communist party. (NOT in this book, but I’ve seen strong evidence that suggests that the Li family in China is also part of the Illuminati.) Sino-Ocean Group was formerly  Sino-Ocean Land and one of the largest real estate companies in Beijing – has direst connections to COSCO(China Ocean Shipping Company) which was formed in 1961 and is state owned with links to the Chinese navy…. in December 2014, Gemini Investments partnered with Rosemont Realty – 8 months later named Gemini-Rosemont & announced plans for 3 BILLION worth of new acquisitions. This co-ownership between The Chinese Communist Party and Hunter Biden makes it difficult if not impossible for Joe to conduct proper negotiations for our country.

In a 20 month period, Hunter became involved in 2 billion-dollar deals with Chinese government-connected firms while his dad was VP.

Patrick Ho

Patrick Ho was arrested by federal agents in NY for money laundering & violating the Foreign Corruption Practices Act. —He once sent Hunter “a large diamond” after one of their meetings. In March 2019, he was jailed in the US and his first call was to Hunter – don’t know if there was an answer, but Ho apparently then called James Biden, Joe’s brother, who claims he gave Ho Hunter’s number…

Hunter also had deals in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even Russia while Joe was VP.

Ukraine: April 16, 2014, Devon Archer made a private visit to the White House for a meeting with Joe Biden. The day prior, Burisma deposited more than $112k into a Rosemont bank account. On April 22nd, it was announced that Archer was joining Burisma’s board of directors. On May 13th, Hunter Biden joined the Burisma board. Neither had a background or experience in the energy sector or even Ukraine. Each were paid $83,333.33 PER MONTH / 1 MILLION/year!!!! BTW, on April 21st, VP Joe landed in Kyiv for a meeting with Ukraine officials supposedly re. a USAID (US Agency for International Development) to assist the Ukraine natural gas industry.

Very interesting timing!

Burisma founder, Zlochevsky, was a person Ukraine wanted to prosecute for corruption. Burisma hired a former Obama Dept of Justice lawyer, John Buretta and Blue Star Strategies, a consulting firm run by former Clinton administration officials to help.

Under pressure from Joe Biden, Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma. Joe bragged about withholding aid. The charges were dismissed in September 2016. The Obama administration poured 3 BILLION into Ukraine.

A Morgan Stanley investment account shows money arriving from various mysterious sources:

$142,300 April 2014 from Kazakh oligarch controlled Novatus Holdings.

$1.2 MILLION via an anonymous LLC via a Swiss Bank called BSI SA – this was part of a money laundering investigation spanning ten countries and at least $4.2 BILLION in irregular transactions.

The documents demonstrate that someone in the Biden family has other LLCs set up to receive payments. IE: 2015 $150k was transferred into an account controlled by MFTCG Holdings LLC Biden.

Russia’s richest woman, Yelena Baturina, a billionaire with extensive Moscow political connections & reputation for links to Russian organized crime, allegedly paid was paid $3.5 million to Hunter Biden, plus, she has links to Devon Archer. 

Hunter and Devon ser up a joint venture in Hawaii – Mbloom, a private partnership. They invested $5 MILLION and so did HSDC (Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation) – $3 MILLION from HSDC came from a Treasury Dept. Program, run by longtime Biden aid, Don Graves. Mbloom quickly became embroiled in ethics scandals because funds were being steered to personal companies.

Hunter was also involved in Burnham Financial Group along with Devon Archer, who was on the board. They made deals with governments and oligarchs like Nurlan Abduow, an associate of Kazaky Oligarch Kenges Rakishev, son-in-law of former vice prime minister of Kaxakhstan – his father-in-law Imangali Tasmagambetov was defense minister and is now ambassador to Russia. 2 Chinese companies were involved with Burnham, too.

The financial ties between this foreign government and Hunter Biden appear to do deeper than just the investment in Burnham – there are Rosemont entities involved, too. Burnham Asset Management Company became the center of a federal investigation involving a $60 MILLION fraud scheme against the Ogalal Sioux, one of the poorest Indian tribes in America. Other victims included public and union pension plans. Devon Archer was arrested in NY in May 2016 – Hunter’s ‘fingerprints were all over the deals‘, but he wasn’t arrested. The scheme was to target pension funds with “socially responsible investing”… 8 of the 11 funds that lost money were either government employee or labor union organizations, which had publicly supported Joe’s campaigns in the past. The defrauded pension funds included:

Birmingham (Alabama) Water Works Pension Fund

Chicago Transit Authority

Management International Longshoreman’s Association

Milk Drivers Local 246 (an affiliate of the Teamsters)

Omaha, Nebraska School Employees’ Retirement Fund

Philadelphia Housing Authority

City of Richmond (Virginia) Retirement System

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Transcripts from Devon Archer’s trail show a picture of Hunter using his father’s name and status to recruit pension money as well as alleviate investors’ concerns.

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