4 thoughts on “MUST LISTEN!!!

    1. Purrcisely!!! Each of us needs to research these and, as Dr. Mike said, (I purraphrase) the best choice for a healthy teenager will probably be different than the best choice for an elderly person with healthy issues. Before I would get jabbed, I would need to know it was the best choice for me and then, I would need to know the ingredients in the jab the doctor intended to stick me with. I”m also not sure Finland has the same selection that we do, but I do know hydroxychloroquine 200 mg is an excellent and safe purrventative.
      Purrseidon, who doesn’t think ‘Carol’ listened because 1) she didn’t have time between when I posted and she commented and 2) she would have heard Dr. Mike give pros and cons.

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    1. You are entitled to your opinion. You’re even welcome to get vaccinated. Personal choice, but IMHO it is wise to know both pros and cons prior to making any choice.


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