Cat Report

. WE HAVE LOTS OF EXPERTS SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THIS CRIME – BE THE RESISTANCE AND REGAIN YOUR FREEDOM . .. Enough Is Enough: Time to Finally Follow the Science on Masks . . . . US Capitol Barbed Wire being removed by work crews today . . . …”The Democrats don’t have grand-standers like…

Cat Report — American Intelligence Media

4 thoughts on “Cat Report

  1. Purrseidon did you see all THE barby wire?? That iss terryfyin!
    Glad it iss comin down.
    LadyMew wantss to know who was inn THE Morocade? Shee sayss Dee Cee lookss like a place under seege….iss spooky fore sure….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew
    Pee S: LadyMew sent Miss Jeanne a video ’bout Dr. Tam inn Catnada…if youss’ want to use it on yore bloggie go fore it! 😉

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    1. Indeed that fence is TERRIFYING… question is if someone is being held in or out and the construction looks as if it was designed to keep something in. But what?!!?! What horror requires such an awful, nasty fence?!? I furiend hear that DC doesn’t smell correct, but I don’t know any puppers or cats that live there, so I’ve been unable to confirm that…. A fence wouldn’t keep a smell in or out… Not knowing what is going on there is simultaneously exciting and alarming!

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