You Aren’t the Only One

Bullies who are seasoned and the best in the bullying business didn’t get so good at bullying you and getting away with it overnight. No, they learned through trial and error. They’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. And every time they screwed up and got caught, they never learned their lesson that it’s…

You Aren’t the Only One — Chateau Cherie

6 thoughts on “You Aren’t the Only One

  1. There were 2 boyss inn Gradess 5 an 6 who used to bully LadyMew. They made fun of her last name an said nasty thingss ’bout her beein Jewish-Mewish an said shee was a “Injun Lover” as shee was ‘dopted innto Aboriginal culture an fore goin innto puberty!
    Day aftur day shee was terrorized bye these 2. Her PawPaw then gave her purrmission to due what efurr shee had to….
    So one day when they started callin her namess shee did it back an they were shocked….then they started with THE innsultss an shee just stood on sidewalk an waited fore each of them to step off school propurrty. And shee beeted both of them up!
    Shee gotted called innto Principal’ss office next day an hee gave her a leckture. Then hee pulled out THE strap an told her to put handss out….shee did an he whacked her left hand. Then he went for her rite hand an she grabbed THE strap outta his grasp an said “How wuud you like mee to bully you an strap you Mistur Em?”
    She threw THE strap on floor an walked outta school an went home! Fore reel!!! Told her Meowmy who agreed enuff was enuff.
    That Principal gotted inn trubbell an was moved to another school. An no one efurr bullied LadyMew at school again! WHEW! That was a long story…hope you do not mind Purrseidon?
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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      1. Mee-yow Purrseidon mee was so sirprized that LadyMew tooked on 2 6 foot tall an big boyss who had bullied her fore 2 long yeerss. Shee was only 5 oot tall an 90 poundss butt shee tooked them bye sirprize an they leerned to nevurr mess with her again!!
        Mee thinkss LadyMew was a Rebel grabbin strap from Principal… 😉

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