9 thoughts on “Maritime Law Wednesday

    1. I thought so, too… The thought that intrigues me is that if/when our country overthrows maritime law because the population no longer accepts it, that should mean that the elected officials no longer have an office, so it could be a mega house-cleaning…. and I’m thinking a good cleaning would be great.


    1. Ms. Kathe, there is much that humans don’t know… worse ‘the news’ often seems to report the opposite of what is true… This makes doing one’s own research is very, very important. …. IF you decide to join me in trying to uncover real facts, do yourself a favor and ignore things like google, wikipedia and snoopes because they seem as unreliable as ‘the news’.


      1. Odd as it sounds, my best sources are overseas https://drcharlieward.com is my first choice, though he sometimes interviews someone with misinformation, but the majority if spot-on. Charlie has been active in setting up the quantum financial system (currency backed by precious metals + a blockchain accounting system) which we will soon go to – worldwide – this system will be MUCH more stable than the inflationary petro dollar that Kissinger stuck us with.
        I’ve been evaluating who speaks truth for years, so part of this is intuition. IF you’re on telegram, I suggest:
        🇺🇸 President Trump – @real_DonaldJTrump
        🇺🇸 Donald Trump Jr – @TrumpJr
        🇺🇸 Trump Supporters Channel – @TrumpChannel
        🇺🇸 Candace Owens – @CandaceOwens
        🇺🇸 Mark Levin – @marklevin_show
        🇺🇸 Steven Crowder – @Steven_Crowder
        🇺🇸 Matt Gaetz – @MattGaetzOfficial
        🇺🇸 Sarah Huckabee Sanders – @SarahHuckabee
        🇺🇸 Ted Cruz – @TedCruzTX
        🇺🇸 Glenn Beck – @glennbeck
        🇺🇸 Andy Ngô – @Andy_Ngo
        🇺🇸 James Woods – @JamesWoodsReal
        🇺🇸 Ben Shapiro – @realBenShapiro
        🇺🇸 Dinesh D’Souza – @Dinesh_DSouza
        🇺🇸 Mike Lindell – @MichaelJLindell


    1. What most don’t understand is the difference between maritime and land law… or that we’re basically under maritime.
      Hopefully this will soon change.
      Purrseidon, who know it was a very wordy wordless wednesday.

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