Feline Friday Fillins

1. Why is medicine so expensive?… I’ll give you a hint – it is the same answer as to why medicine only seems to improve the problem, but not quite cure it, so you need to keep buying the stuff… Big Pharma is greedy and wants more and more money/profit.

2. On holidays, I always have a second serving of turkey, and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.

3. I’m eternally grateful for my family.

4. ‘Tis the season for finishing the cleaning of the swamp…. and I’m purrty sure Big Pharma is part of that nasty swamp that Purrsident Trump and his supporters are cleaning.

This post is hosted by Ms. Ellen of 15 and meowing and Ms. Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs. Yesterday, they asked these questions. (Ms. Ellen asked the first two fill-in-the-blank questions and Ms. Lorianne the later two – our answers are underlined.) If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can simply answer in the comments section. These were the original questions:

1. Why is _________________ so expensive?

2. On holidays, I always have a second serving ______________.

3. I’m eternally grateful for _________.

4. ‘Tis the season for _________.

This post is also purrticipating in Comedy Plus’s Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Feline Friday Fillins

  1. L.M.G. Miller

    Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins, Purrseidon! As always, you are so wise. You seem to understand the reality of things better than many of the humans trying to take control in this country. We’re purring and praying our politicians will be as wise as you, Purrseidon. Purrs!

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    1. Thank you for hosting this blog hop, Ms. Lorianne. I’m thinking that it is time to rid our world of career politicians…. Purrsident Trump is a business man, who learned how to run things well and see problems as well as what is needed… If you think about if, governments are a sort of business, so we need more good business-minded people and others who know how things work in the ‘real world’ and realize tax dollars come from somewhere, so they need to be used wisely.


    1. Ham was served, too, but I purrfer turkey. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Ms. Ellen… or do you have the misfortune on having a dictatorial government, which is trying to make people captive? Purraying that you’re as free to come and go as we are.


    1. Ms. Kathe, I don’t think the purge is quite done, but due to the desperation I’m hearing about, the end is getting close! Purrhaps by Christmas? Maybe by New Years? Having that vile swamp drained would be a wonderful beginning for 2021!

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