18 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

      1. catladymac

        Actually, more funerals in two weeks – after Thanksgiving. And then two more weeks after Christmas…and two more after New Years…As Scott Atlas has said “This may be your last Thanksgiving…”

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      2. PURRCISELY!!!! I’m hearing some “pet pigs” might pass, too… I purrfer turkeys to ham, but would never consider ignoring a good funeral!


    1. Ms. Sandee, I know the last one isn’t my typical choice, but if I saved this idea for someone who might need it, it would be too late!
      PS: are you listening to the current press conference? Mr. Rudi is chewing out the media, FBI and election fraud.

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    1. I dared to hope it would be good advice for those who are still suffering under the yoke of tyrannical elected officials… I might be sticking my where they don’t belong but why in the world do humans bow to dictators? Don’t they realize this chinese bug is a hoax designed to empower wanna-be-dictators? Do humans actually want to be slaves that bow to ridiculous whims, like masks, which are 100% INEFFECTIVE for viruses? How have they managed to convince humans that the basic flu is some deadly monster?!?


    1. Brian dear furiend, that turkey was meant to be ‘public service’ advice for anyone who wanted a more traditional Thanksgiving while under the ‘fist’ of some dictator.
      Purrseidon…. Dictators ruining Thanksgiving actually isn’t amusing.


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