Wordy Wednesday

Dear Furiends,

I am trying to do two things – snoopervise autumn clean up of the back yard and write this post, which will purrticipate in Ms. Sandee’s Comedy Plus’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Since Saphera needed to do you-probably-know-what, I’m deputized her to do closeup inspections of some bromeliad relocations, while I snoopervised from the catio. If you look closely at the lower right corner of the photo above, you’ll see that Pawsephone is assisting, though I have no idea how she thinks she’s helping when she can’t see out the window!

I know – for a fact – that she can’t see zippity-do-dah down there because prior to hopping onto my snoopervisory perch, I was down there by the door, discussing the plan with Katsu, who I’d initially planned to deploy outside…. That was moments before Saphera announced that she would do the close up inspections… She takes a very proprietary attitude to OUR backyard!

IF anyone of you is wondering why I didn’t purrsonally go out, remember what happened (bath water) last time Pawsephone was left unsnoopervised in the house! Er, just realized I’m doing three things at once!

Would you believe our gardener considered planting this lovely bluish plant in the blue pot? I advised them that would take away the beauty of both, so they wisely put the plant in the ground.

I often wonder what they would do without me!


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