Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,

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Our chef obtained a new fish tank, but no fish… I’m sincerely hoping she doesn’t expect that gravel to purrvide entertainment! Anyway, she is thrilled over the thing and plans to grow hydroponic plants… I’m also wondering about her grasp of reality! Saphera has a reputation for knocking over stuff and Pawesphone loves water…. I, of course, am totally innocent of any crimes involving water, plants and/or potential fish, as is Katsu. (He now owes me!)

Look at Paws’ expression and tell me she isn’t planning on how to get into that water!!!

I just had a shocking thought – do you think my chef is testing us to see if we’re responsible enough for her to grow herbs indoors?!?

She should KNOW I am responsible!

Of course, she should also know that not everyone else is, so purrhaps she is wise to test us. Thankfully, she isn’t so wise that she doesn’t need my snuupervising skills!

The photo of me on your right is me looking at you through this purrplexing fish tank as I analyze the pawsibilities…

Pawsephone is doing well with her halter/leash training.

Katsu’s bed is finally dry, but you can tell by the tilt of his ears, that he doesn’t think things are totally correct… I don’t know what Paws was thinking when she jumped sopping wet into his brand new bed!

Cousin Winston was so honored at being included in last weeks selfies that he agreed to purrticipate this week too!


PS: Angel, our dear tom-furiend in Ohio is doing well, though his ma’s heath as well as his wi-fi and internet issues continue to be a problem…

19 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. cherieaw

    Bella and friends, yes Angel and Ma sad Angel won’t come to get pet as he’s used to her sitting on floor after he settles in a spot. Came once while ma sitting. But he’s safe in winter. Doc on 30th. Thanks for thinking of us. Love and blessings.

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    1. Ms. Mimi, I fear that my little sisfur thinks/plots things was too much. In this case, I’m thinking she is trying to figure out if she can fit in that water and if so, how to get it open…. IF she does, she’ll act innocent (like always) and I’ll probably get scolded for whatever mess she makes.


  2. Oh mee Cat that iss NOT guud mewss Purrseidon! Poor Miss Cherie. LadyMew has a Walker an shee usuallee usess both handss butt mee has seen ehr whellWlaker ’round usin just one hand.
    Miss Cherie must bee sad shee cannot pet Angel propurrley…
    If yore meowin to them pleese let them know wee send **purrss** an purrayerss an ❤

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  3. Lookin mitey fine there Winston poochie!! You have THE kewlest doggie smile 🙂 An Purrseidon an Pawsephone this mew tank soundss innterestin…it will bee fun to see what youss’ grow inn it.
    An Katsu mee wuud not like a wet-dampy bed eether!!! Mew mew mew…
    An deerest Angel man cat wee hope Miss Cherie will get bettur soon. At leest feel sumwaht bettur. An may mee meow you look splendid inn yore Selfie today!?!?
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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    1. Meowser BellaDharma dear furiend, Last week, I surprised Winston when I included him… you can see how pleased he was with the recognition!
      The three of us are all purraying that Ms. Cherie (Angel’s Ma) recovers as quickly as possible… ditto for your lady.

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      1. Many thanx fore yore purrayerss fore Miss Cherie an mee LadyMew. THE full body flare-up has calmed down sumwhat. Her low back iss still twingy butt shee has a back support that cradelss her back when sittin on couch. Her knee iss still weerd: it iss not as painfull. Shee thott it had reeleased butt it has not an shee iss walkin with a bent knee….today iss laundry so shee iss usin walker….one step at a time Purrseidon, mew mew mew…


      2. Mew-mew-mew BellaDharma dear furiend, Angel tells me that his Ma is looking for a walker, though he doesn’t know is she’ll be able to use one because her right arm/hand aren’t even good enough to pet him.

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  4. Hmm, I’d be cautious over glass tanks with stones in the bottom, just in case your staff decide to have those monsterous spiders trapped inside! I had a run in with one once and believe me pulling the legs off is not something you’d want to do 😉
    All round the selfies are a delight this week, especiallyyour cousin’s – he veritably shines and radiates doggy delight (no smell-o-vision so we dont know if her radiates any other sort of dogginess, MOL)
    Sending purrs for ngel’s mom, and hope she gets better very soon!

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    1. Meowser ERin dear furiend, Cousin Winston is a very happy pupper and an all-around great guy, though a couple of his ‘brofurs’ can be a bit sketchy… Quark and Boson are birds and they sometimes bite before they think…. I’m sad to admit that Tori does that, too.

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