EOs, Sanctions and Traps

The first 4 minutes are fun, but don’t get into the ‘meat’ of the 8 resignation/arrests, or the powerful repercussions the Executive Orders impose on those who practice fraud. IF you don’t think anything is going on, that is because the media doesn’t want you to know. I, however, want to know the facts, not the fictional emotional b s the media tries to get us to believe. Thus, quirky as this can sound, it is fun and better yet, packed with truth.

Side note – IF you still waste your time watching ‘the news’ in a vain hope that they will finally tell you what’s going on, I ask you if they told/showed you anything about yesterday’s MAGA March in DC …

clip of arial view:https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1327663651138854913

AND from ground levelhttps://twitter.com/DebHaslam/status/1327657154095030272

AND clip of our president driving through the march in appreciationhttps://twitter.com/MilionMagaMarch/status/1327636303668801536

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